Review: Echomaker at White Rabbit Cabaret

Echomaker's "Concrete Seeds" EP

If you're in to Indy hip hop,

you've probably seen Echomaker

before, or at least some piece of it. Think of it like a super-group

of established artists and musicians from local record labels Audio


and Pattern Hungry.

Echomaker takes an artistic approach to spoken word and rap by

injecting it with soulful jazz, lively beats, and superb


Watching the group perform on the

vast stage of Fountain Square's White Rabbit, I recollected

fragmented memories and experiences with each of Echomaker's

members over the past few years. There was that one time at The Indy


that rapper Corey Salas moved me with his spoken words. There

was that one beat battle at Northside News where I watched Neil Cain

sing, play the keys, and drop beats... and that other time I saw him

at Big Car selling beautiful Pattern Hungry merchandise. There was

this art show I once went to in the basement of a random gallery on

Prospect Street in Fountain Square that vibraphone player Dan Marquis

showed up to. I think he was there to take in the visuals, but when

the house band asked him to sit in on drums, he quickly accepted the


What I'm getting at is that these

people are extremely creative and full of artistic energy. While each

member of the group has been involved with countless projects and

shows around the city, it feels like they've finally struck the

perfect chord. All the right elements have been combined to create a

sound that's groovy and accessible, yet imaginative and cutting


The show consisted mostly of tracks

from Echomaker's new EP, Concrete Seeds. Marquis' jubilant

vibraphone was most noticeable on "Step Back," giving the song

the effect of a dream-like state of mind. Trombone and bass guitarist

Dietrick Klooster was animated in every move he made- acting out the

lyrics of songs and dancing with remarkable fluidity. I was taken

aback by Cain's passionate guitar playing. I had only seen him on

keys in the past and found pleasure in his emotional facial

expressions as he performed.

"Unassuming Paths" was my

favorite song of the show, presented in an extended version that

included a rowdy breakdown half way through via Eric Brown on drums.

Cain delivered an awe-inspiring guitar solo and Salas addressed the

audience directly, "We're gonna break through all of those

barriers!" Incredibly groovy with just a pinch of funk, the track

was by far the most engaging in their repertoire.


attendance was light inside The White Rabbit Cabaret as Echomaker

concluded their set, there was a noticeable demand for one more song.

After a brief conference by the band on stage, Salas announced an

encore of two mashed-together songs the band is still in the process

of finishing.

Echomaker is currently supporting

their new EP, Concrete Seeds, with local gigs and hopes to

tour regionally in the spring. Downloads and CD's are available on

their Bandcamp page.

Echomaker performs live at the White Rabbit Cabaret.


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