Review: Diarrhea Planet at Hoosier Dome


Diarrhea Planet returned to the Hoosier Dome Friday night, transforming the small Fountain Square venue into a cathartic punk rock sauna.

DP returned to Indianapolis, bringing their touring partners The So So Glos along for the ride. Other opening acts included Bleach Drinker, Brother O'Brother, and Male Bondage.

Having seen Male Bondage several times in the last month, I was certain that they would be a great fit for this bill. While their sludgy rock 'n' roll is slightly heavier than anything else on Diarrhea Planet's Nashville label, Infinity Cat, the overall riotous energy that their music carries fit perfectly alongside Diarrhea Planet.

Between Male Bondage and The So So Glos, a gang of milk guzzlers gathered outside of the Hoosier Dome, treating everyone else, who had simply come outside to get a break from the venue's sweaty interior, to a round of vomiting- otherwise known as the gallon challenge. While puddles of puke outside of the Hoosier Dome's door were undoubtedly inconvenient, the occasion at hand seemed disgustingly appropriate for these acts of hooliganism.

Playing a brand of fun rock that was more pop than punk at times, The So So Glos marched through a set of several lively tunes. Lead singer Alex Levine meant well with his incessant rantings in between songs, but with every song's end, I truly wished that we would've stuck to the age-old rock 'n' roll adage of "less talk, more rock." Nevertheless, the crowd responded well as they tucked away the remainder of their energy for the boys from Nashville.

While sound checking, one of Diarrhea Planet's four guitarists started riffing out Lit's 90s classic, "My Own Worst Enemy." The rest of the band promptly chimed in, almost as if they had practiced the song before. While they didn't play the entire song, the sound check readied the crowd for the craziness that was to come.

The heat had been heightening all night in the Dome, but once DP started playing, the venue transformed into a sweaty everglade with fans hanging upside down from the rafters and jumping every which way. DP played a large amount of their most recent I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams release, intermingling classics from previous years including several tracks from 2011's Loose Jewels and the popular 2010 hit "Ghost With A Boner."

Smith rarely spoke in between songs, and when he did, it was usually to take part in the outrageous chants taking place (at one point he started a chant for Carmel High School), including a back-and-forth pizza/breadsticks cheer.

After showing appreciation to Stephen Zumbrum and the rest of Hoosier Dome crew, as well as the many family members the band had in attendance, DP closed out their set with a cover of the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right (To Party)" with help from tour mates The So So Glos. After raving approval from the crowd, DP returned to the stage for one more song- what seemed like an impromptu cover of Weezer's "My Name Is Jonas." The covers appropriately closed out the band's phenomenal set of boisterous, sweaty rock 'n' roll goodness.


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