Review: Cherry Bombs, 'Punks on Parole'


Cherry Bombs

Punks on Parole

Black and Blue Records

Cherry Bombs (no not the teenage girl group) are the last of an unfortunately dying breed. They still stick to the smoking guns of the late seventies aggressive punk. Listening to Punks on Parole is a trip back to when punk was angry, fast, and loud.

It's snotty, it's dirty, it's rough around the edges, it's exactly what punk should be. Punks on Parole is a fantastic album for any fan of the Sex Pistols, Sham 69, Black Flag, or Dead Boys. If you're still clinging to your tattered God Save the Queen t-shirt, go pick up Punks on Parole. You definitely won't be disappointed.

The shouts and melodic fast guitars are hand in hand amidst the sporadic drumming and the great bass playing. I love a great bass line, and Jons Jr. Jackass (I think that's his name-the lettering was blurry on the album-if not, sorry) chugs along at a blistering pace.

"Punks on Parole" includes three demos at the end, "Violent Man," "Girl from Nowhere," and "Hidden History." I liked "Violent Man" the most of the demos. It was more distorted and rough than the rest. Actually, I liked the sound of the demos more than the actual album. They're of a lesser quality, more of a live feel that's sludgy and garage punk-band feel.

Key tracks on the actual album: there's not very many tracks on the whole album, but "Thousand Miles Away" and "Girl from Nowhere" stood out from the rest. I'm definitely putting Cherry Bombs on my list of bands to watch. Goodness knows they deserve the band name more than those asinine teen girls do.

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