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Mixtape Vol. 1

Headdress Records

From the rad dudes who brought us Heaven's Gate - which moved and transformed into a studio space, practice space and venue called Westgate - comes Headdress Records. And this month, they've got their debut mixtape of bands from Indy and Chicago, curated by Dimitri Morris and Bradley Lee, on offer. We've broken the blurry mix of psych, pop, garage and rock from all along I-65 down track by track.

BIGCOLOUR, "Manifest Ecstasy": Raw McCartney's bassist Brian Brissart's longtime solo project which features hazily simple lo-fi patterns and bright vocals.

S.M. Wolf, "King of the Suits": Unless you live under a rock that's not WiFi capable, you'll recognize this song from Amo Joy frontman Adam Gross' new project, which was made into a hand-drawn music video by animator wunderkinds Brain Twins. It's a fast and gleamingly psychedelic ripper that I'd encourage you to see live the next chance that you get.

Pnature Walk, "Calamine Lotion": Recorded at West Gate by Headdress Records, this frenetic pop ballad highlights the lively sound of this Lafayette trio.

Top Dad, "Marie Thee Queen": From Bloomington, Top Dad contributes a thumping punk dinger with catchy lyrics and rhythmic momentum.

The Cowboys, "Marjorie": Also from Bloomington, this campy garage quartet offer up a wildly unforgettable track. They just played a Musical Family Tree showcase at Indy CD and Vinyl, surprising us with their (relative) youth - we could've sworn these boys were straight out of the '70s.

The Brothers Gross, "As the World Goes Round": Spacy pop with hushed vocals and catchy melodies, The Brothers Gross come through with this fresh and rocking tune.

The Bloody Mess, "It Do Me Good": The vocal performance on this song pulls at you from deep inside and invites you to join in the mess. There have only been a few musical pairings as magical as the one between guitarist Sonny Blood, also of Apache Dropout and Miss Mess, formerly of Thee Open Sex. Sharlene Birdsong, of Thee Tsunamis and White Moms, grounds the duo with solid rhythm on bass.

Magic Milk, "Girl": This garage-romp is a fiery live recording of the Chicago psych-rock band.

Frankie & The Witch Fingers, "Diamonds": "Diamonds" is a fuzzy jam that buzzes from the brains of the '60s pop enthusiasts and Bloomington-ites with clarity and beauty.

Earring, "Night Times": Nods to this hazy and shoegazy way to close the tape, Chicago's Earring enchant and inspire.


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