• Scott Bruce is this week's top pick, performing at Crackers Broad Ripple

Unfairly based on a head-shot and a 150-word press clip, I was not excited last year to be seeing Scott Bruce at Crackers Downtown. Usually those "professional" comedians in their 40's or 50's are painfully traditional, featuring 30 minutes of jokes about their annoying wives and then another ten minutes of impressions and terrible "did you ever notice" gags.

But Bruce blew me away, despite my unfair expectations, and his Hawaiian shirt.

("There are only two kinds of people who wear Hawaiian shirts: big fat party animals and gay guys." Bruce is a big fat party animal)

He's an extremely safe bet for a fun night out; just don't sit in the front row because he will almost certainly sexually harass you— much to the delight of everyone in the audience, myself included.

Here's what I had to say about him last June:

"If a comedian spends 95 percent of his set making fun of the audience, he better do it well. Scott Bruce did it well. He has been doing comedy for a long time, and tactfully balanced the fine line between poking harmless fun and completely alienating the crowd. Every dark, cutting joke eventually came full circle back toward him, at his own expense. However, he invoked a spattering of blond jokes, and a three-minute bit full of puns about names of small towns in Pennsylvania (Intercourse, Blue Ball, etc.), which detracted from his conversational dirty-old-man humor. With his (I’m guessing here) seventh or eighth Budweiser in his right hand, and his gray, balding head and Hawaiian shirt, his demeanor was approachable: familiar and lax in appearance, but aggressive and sharp in delivery. Many mouths were left agape in disbelief at the tenacity of his playful sexual harassment of any man, woman or microphone stand within spitting distance — but just a hint of self-deprecation made him harmless, hilarious."

At the downtown location this weekend is Roz G, whom I will be seeing tonight. I haven't seen her comedy so I can't ensure the show's overall quality, but I do know that local comedian Jeff Oskay is the featured act, and I've seen him several times. However, it's been a while, and since the last time I saw him he has started taking on headlining gigs all over the place, instead of just emceeing at Crackers. This is a great opportunity to see a local performer rise right before your eyes. No rhyme intended.

Weekend Lineup:

Price listed is the lowest available, and all shows are Friday and Saturday, unless otherwise noted. Most also have Weds, Thurs., and Sunday shows; check their website for more info.

Crackers Downtown- Roz G feat. Jeff Oskay , 8 and 10:30 pm, $15. www.crackerscomedy.com

Crackers Broadripple- Scott Bruce, 8 and 10:30 pm, $15. www.crackerscomedy.com

Morty’s Comedy Joint- Doug Williams, 8 and 10:15 pm, $10. www.mortyscomedy.com

ComedySportz- Improv, 7:30 pm, (and 10:00 on Sat.), $15, www.indycomedysportz.com

Comedysportz- $5 Improv Jam, 10:00 pm. Friday only. www.indycomedysportz.com

IndyPROV- at Talbott Street, 10:30 and 11:30 Friday only. At Second Story Playhouse (Carmel), 4:00, Saturday only. www.indyprov.com

The Funny Bone (Bloomington) — Dan Telfer, 8 and 10:30 pm, $10. www.funnybonebtown.com

More than most forms of entertainment, stand-up comedy lineups are subject to last-minute changes, as well as unexpected sell-outs. Please be sure to check the website of the venue (or call and reserve tickets) before heading out, and make sure to be aware of any updated times, prices, availability or performers.

If you are aware of any upcoming events or venues that are not included here, please feel free to comment them below or email aroberts@nuvo.net!

  • Roz G is headlining at Crackers Downtown, feat. local comic Jeff Oskay.
  • Local improv troupe "IndyPROV" has shows on both Friday and Saturday.

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