It's a standard week in Indianapolis comedy, with two well-seasoned professionals at the Crackers locations, an unproven local boy at Morty's and some quality sketch material at Comedysportz.

This Friday night at 10 pm is the final performance of $3 Bill Comedy's "Pre-existing Conditions." This local sketch group is the best homegrown comedy act that Indianapolis has to offer.

Auggie Smith headlines Crackers downtown for what seems like the eight millionth time. They must keep inviting him back for a reason though. He has a very natural and professional demeanor and he's a safe bet for a fun night out.

Tom Rhodes, of slightly more fame, takes top honors at the Broad Ripple stage. He's a well-traveled comedian of moderate success, and also makes for "safe" value.

Local boy Troy Davis is headlining at Morty's. From his description he appears to be your everyday middle-aged white male comedian, spinning tales of divorce and fatherhood and everything else that young people can't relate to, while an audience of a similar disposition to him falls in love with it.

Weekend Lineup:

Price listed is the lowest available, and all shows are Friday and Saturday, unless otherwise noted. Most also have Weds, Thurs., and Sunday shows; check their website for more info.

Crackers Downtown- Auggie Smith, 8 and 10:30 pm, $15.

Crackers Broadripple- Tom Rhodes, 8 and 10:30 pm, $15.

Morty’s Comedy Joint- Troy Davis, 7:30 and 10:00 pm, $10.

ComedySportz- Improv, 7:30 pm, (and 10:00 on Sat.), $12,

Comedysportz- Three Dollar Bill Sketch Comedy, “Pre-existing Conditions.” 10:00 pm, $12. Friday only.

Funny Bone (Bloomington) — Chris Hardwick, 7 and 9:30 pm, $15.

Great upcoming shows

Keith McGill: May 12 — 15 (Crackers Downtown)

More than most forms of entertainment, stand-up comedy lineups are subject to last-minute changes, as well as unexpected sell-outs. Please be sure to check the website of the venue (or call and reserve tickets) before heading out, and make sure to be aware of any updated times, prices, availability or performers.

If you are aware of any upcoming events or venues that are not included here, please feel free to comment them below or email!


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