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We Are Hex

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It's official: Jack White's Third Man Records will release a seven-inch by

local rock band We Are Hex

in mid-March, according an announcement today on the label's website. The band recorded with White, who came to fame as part of the now-defunct White Stripes, at his Nashville studios in mid-January.

According to drummer Brandon Beaver, White contacted the band in late 2010 after he came across their music online. The seven-inch will be released on Third Man's Blue Label 45 series, which has previously featured work by rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson and folk-rock band Drakkar Sauna.

Beaver told me last month that White's unsolicited phone call provided a shot of confidence for the group: "The first thing that came to mind is, there's a billion other bands out there and it felt good that he made a quick decision to call and say, I'd like to work with you guys. We're doing exactly what we want to be doing; I guess it was just refreshing for someone like him to say, I agree, what you're doing is good."

Plenty more on this story as it develops. Here are the relevant parts of the announcement:

Last week we announced that we have two new incredible Green Series 45s being released, one of them with 30 different covers! This week we want to tell you about our latest Blue Series 45s that will be out in Mid-March. Both of these artists are from our homeland of the Midwest and we think they really sum up the diverse range of artists and styles we’re interested in here at Third Man.

Next up, from Indianapolis IN are We Are Hex. Brandon, Jilly, Matt, Trevor, moonshine, and magic mushrooms make six. Since 2009 We Are Hex has written and recorded on their own frequency from their home and studio, The Hex Hause [sic?]. Described somewhere between The Stooges and The Cure, We Are Hex is scratching, creeping, dirty slop — refreshingly raw, honest and urgent. Needless to say, we dig it a lot. They’ve also given us perhaps the best song titles on Third Man so far “Twist The Witch’s Titty” and “Through The Doldrums To The Dum Dums”.


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