Truth & Salvage Co. returns

Truth and Salvage Co. at Radio Radio on February 19

  • Truth and Salvage Co. at Radio Radio on February 19

When Truth and Salvage Co. rolled into Indianapolis last May for a show at Birdy’s, they were still a week away from releasing their self-titled, debut album. The band’s management had sent me a pre-release version of their new record. It was outstanding — one of the year’s best, debut or otherwise.

And live? The L.A. (via the Heartland and the South) group has taken the essence and organic rhythm of The Band, and twisted it with a bit of four-part CSNY harmony, maintaining all the while a loose, Memphis rock flavor.

Here's what I said at the time of the band: "...they are good at what they do, which is revive the sound and spirit of rock and roll that could be swampy, anthemic, a little bit rural, from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Say it: American rock and roll."(Read full review of May, 2010 show)

Tim Jones, who was a leader in Bloomington roots-rock band Old Pike earlier in his career, is one of the main voices of Truth and Salvage Co. With the band headed back to Indy, I caught up with Jones for an update on the past year, and on what the band has planned for 2011.

NUVO: It's been almost a year since the great show (voted Best Show of 2010 by me) that you and the Truth and Salvage Co. guys played at Birdy's. You've been back through Indy once for a WTTS show, and now this upcoming gig at Radio Radio. How's the band? Any stuff in the past year that you think roots rock fans need to know?

Tim Jones: The last year - two years really - has been an intense, beautiful, incredible gauntlet. The Black Crowes and the Avett Brothers — and Jackie Greene — have been so kind to share their audience with us and let us open for them, and now we're able to headline our own shows and really do what we do. Indy is definitely one of our favorite places to play and now a city that we know we have a lot of friends, fans and my family in. Indianapolis has been so great to us.

NUVO: Have you played with any other musicians/bands that were notable? Hung with any "heroes"?

Jones: A new band that we really like, Dawes, opened for us on New Year’s Eve in Seaside, Florida. It's always a great thing when the people are as cool as the music of theirs that you love. We had a blast. On the Rock Boat (a rock-themed cruise), we hung out a lot with Ed Kowalczyk. My band in high school, Planet Earth, used to cover his songs. Some friends and I drove to Bogarts (in Cincinnati) to see Live, so it was really cool to have him in the audience at our shows and really enjoying our music. What a really wonderful guy too - it's great when you meet someone that you admired as a kid and they turn out to be everything you imagined.

NUVO: Are you working on any new music for a next album?

Jones: There's definitely some new material and a couple covers. We are still really enjoying playing our record that's only been out for eight months (even though we've been touring for almost two years). We have shows already booked through summer. Though we have a ton of songs written, we probably won't start working on another record until the end of this year.

NUVO: I am looking forward to your return to the home state. Any words of wisdom for the people in Hoosierland?

TJ: I am always looking forward to being back home again in Indiana. It's great now that everyone in the band has had such a good time at our last few shows in Indy that they all look forward to the return as well. As far as wisdom goes, to quote Scott Kinnebrew - in our song "Rise Up" - "Put a little love in it, put a little faith in it, put a little hope in your heart."


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