Although it's not quite time to start thinking about buying presents and baking fruitcake, the local music scene is certainly overflowing with generosity and kindness this time of the year.


Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Benefit Show

Sunday August 22nd, 6 p.m.

Birdy's (71st & Keystone)

Organized by local progressive rock band Ladymoon to provide the citizens of Indianapolis a way to do their part in assisting with the oil spill in Louisiana. Proceeds from this concert will benefit The Louisiana Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Rescue Program (the primary responder for the state of Louisiana for rescuing) to fund the rehabilitating and releasing of marine mammals (dolphins, whales, manatees) and sea turtles affected by the 2010 Gulf oil spill.


Kammy's Kause Music Festival

Friday August 27th - Saturday August 28th

American Legion Park (north of Fortville, IN on Highway 13; one exit north of Verizon Wireless Music Center on I-69)

Kammy's Kause is a free, two-day music festival dedicated to raising money and awareness for the rare chromosome disorder 4p- (aka Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, WHS) affecting Kamdyn (Kammy) Hiner, daughter of Jared Hiner. Kammy was diagnosed with 4p- in January of 2002. With only 600 +/- known cases in the world and just 150 in the United States, research is limited for this rare disorder. For full details and the heartwarming success story of Kammy's Kause, please take a minute to read the festival's letter of intent.

Schedule of bands:

Friday August 27th

7:00-8:00 - Chad Mills

8:20-9:30 - Digs Bridges

11:20-1:00 am - Shadyside All-Stars

Saturday August 28th

1:20-2:20 - Alan & Joe

2:40-3:40 - Jennie Devoe

4:00-5:00 - The Elect

5:00-5:20 - Meet the 4p- Kiddos

5:20-6:30 - Landon Keller

6:50-8:00 - Jenn Cristy

8:20-9:40 - Breakdown Kings

10:00-11:10 - Blue Moon Revue

11:30-1:00 AM - Twin Cats


Sports for All Kids Benefit Concert

Saturday August 21st, 1 p.m.

Ellis Park (Danville, IN)

Created by the families of Damon Comer, Kim Pugh, and Doug Stephenson to raise money for children in the Danville community. Proceeds earned at the 4th annual Sports for All Kids concert will benefit the Danville Youth Sports League by helping to offset the cost of enrolling children in the program, purchasing pads and jerseys, field upkeep, and many other related fees.

There will be a free after party with Shaggy Wonda & The Waldemere Revival at Booney's in Avon, IN.


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