The Nightlife Professor: DJ MetroGnome

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The Nightlife Professor: DJ MetroGnome


Indy nightlife boasts the proud honor of being home to many talented, respected, and hard working DJs. One of our cities most well revered and in demand music maestros goes by the stage name of DJ MetroGnome and can be found playing weekly parties and dropping knowledge all over the city.

A graduate of Pike high school, MetroGnome (born Nick Saligoe) got his start in September of 2002 at Indiana University after having seen a friend scratch records. Teaching himself the art of mixing, scratching, and crowd control, he began doing events around Bloomington and Indy through Hip Hop Congress, a not for profit collective focused on making positive social and political progression on local and national levels.

Upon returning to Indy after obtaining a degree in Visual Art Education, Nick and the Indianapolis members of Hip Hop Congress secured a grant in 2007 to begin a community outreach program teaching DJing basics to interested kids around the city. The program was a wonderful success and is still in full effect nearly three years later. Held every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Martin Luther King Community Center, the program's participants range in age between elementary and high school aged children, as well as college kids and adults. A $5 fee simply covers the cost of equipment maintenance, hardly an unfair price to have the city’s original turntable teacher DJ Top Speed, as well as DJ Stylistic and MetroGnome himself as your instructors for the session. The DJ professors receive no wage, doing it simply for the love of the students and for the opportunity to help further the city’s rich DJ culture.

DJ MetroGnome can be found at Coaches Tavern (28 South Pennsylvania Street) every Tuesday for his wildly popular “Take That! Tuesdays” party. MetroGnome's selection ranges from classic hip hop, to soul, to funk records and turns the otherwise small bar in to a sea of dancing music fans. He also holds “A Film and Some Funk” at Art Box Gallery, an event that showcases a musically inspired documentary open to all ages, followed by a dance party with featured guest DJs (just for the adults though). Even still, MetroGnome plays regular parties for Red Bull throughout the United States, and is even slated to play in Cancun this coming summer. When asked what piece of advice he would give any one coming to his shows, he responded, “I’m not a pop DJ. I play records you may not know, but come with an open mind and I’m sure you’ll have fun.” If you're looking for a good party, MetroGnome's are a sure bet. You might even learn something.

For more information about DJ MetroGnome’s parties, check out his Myspace and his Twitter.

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