Club night preview

Paul F. P. Pogue


The Melody Inn

Wednesday, Jan. 18

"Svartiisound" is Swedish for "black ice," and it's certainly an appropriate name for the new event beginning Wednesday, Jan. 18 at the Melody Inn, as it draws together elements of both African and Scandinavian sounds. Event promoter dj badfaerie describes it as "jazz/lounge/chill/house."

The event was born from badfaerie's fascination with Scandinavian musical forms and the use of spoken word with music.

"There's such a sparseness and simultaneous beauty in the music I hear from Scandinavia, and that's every single genre, whether it be house music or goth or heavy metal," badfaerie said. "And considering that I also very much like the groove R & B Chicago house rhythms, because that's what I grew up on, I took those African rhythms and those sparse Scandinavian sounds and come up with my own sound for them."

The event will feature spoken word artists Jason Ammerman and Colin Hargreaves, with musical overlays arranged by badfaerie.

"I was talking with Colin about the nature of spoken word and how it's taken root in the hip hop community, and how it's relevant to the art and the craft," badfaerie said. "It's going to be less of a shock value and more of a showcase. Less slam, more showcase. It's going to be a symbiosis of really pretty music and really pretty poetry. We've gone over their chosen pieces and I'm matching the music to their chosen mood. It's the first time I can think of, either here or in Chicago, that something like this has taken place. I've seen a lot of spoken word, a lot of spoken word with hip hop, but I've never seen anything like this. And the beat has never really been put into beatnik because you'll be able to dance to this."

If all goes well, it could lead to a regular event at the Mel.

"Already I have other DJs that would be interested in working with other spoken word artists," badfaerie said. "At the very least it'll be a fantastic chance to showcase new music and new art. It could turn into a monthly night; it could turn into an underground movement. I'm hoping for magic. But I'm a fairy; that's what I'm supposed to do. People used to call me a bad fairy because I was incorrigible, but I only use my powers for good."

"Svartiisound" runs from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. at the Melody Inn, 3826 N. Illinois St., Jan. 18. Cover is $3.


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