Roots/rock: Catching up with Brandon Perry


Out of the 16 bands competing in Q95's Indy's Next Big Thing contest, Americana outfit The Dead Hearts interests me the most. With a Petty/Son Volt/Train sound, they're the only band with an overt Americana/alt-country feel in the field.

I talked to lead singer and guitarist Brandon P. Perry after he learned the band had been chosen to compete in the contest.

“We heard about the competition listening to Q95," Perry told me. "Brian [Gropp, the band's keyboardist] sent in "Bad for You" for the organizers to hear, and about a week [before the contest started] we found out we were in.”

Hear: The Dead Hearts, "Bad for You"

He hopes playing in the contest — with the backing of a major rock station — can help them meet people.

“This contest fits in with our main goal right now which is getting out there,” he said. “We want to play shows, meet people and just share the music with whomever wants to listen. We're certainly not expecting any specific result, but we're enjoying the process so far."

With a five-song EP available on Bandcamp for three dollars, these Indiana guys are teasing with their crunchy, Midwest and Memphis rock and roll.

They were headed to Muncie to do some recording last weekend. ”We have 10-15 brand new songs to work on," Perry said.


Coming dates:

Oct. 13 - Britton Tavern, Indianapolis, IN

Dec. 2 - Birdy's, Indianapolis, IN

Dec. 11 - Reggie's, Chicago, IL

Q95's Next Big Thing update:

In the first week of competition in Q95’s Next Big Thing contest at the Rathskeller, Shaggy Wonda topped Sugar Moon Rabbit, Goliathon and J.J. Pearson and The Insignificant Others to win the opening round.


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