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Battle for the B-Movie


Tuesday, Jan. 25

Here's a movie idea for you: Four bands are pitted against each other in mortal combat until the bloody dust settles and one remains standing. The others are fed to giant scorpions for the audience's amusement. Opiate's ferocious stage presence won them the "Battle for the B-Movie" at Birdy's Jan. 25.

Sounds killer, eh? That's pretty much what happened at Birdy's Jan. 25, as the second round of the Dyer's Eve Battle for the B-Movie took place, where four bands battled in the second of four rounds for a spot on the soundtrack to a local filmmaker's upcoming horror movie, Curse of Thorn. I may have possibly exaggerated about the scorpions.

Opening band Opiate featured pulse-pounding vocals, blasting away with Pantera stylings and Limp Bizkit slamming guitars. Powerful screaming vocals, infused with anger and frustration and rage. "The fuck you waiting for? Get the fuck up to the front!" Oh, yes, charismatic stage presence as well.

Up!Scumbag's set was fast-paced, machine-gunning lyrics and guitar licks at a relentless rate, ranging from punk rock to Lynyrd Skynyrd-style hard-drinkin' songs. Personally, I felt they should have won just because of their inspired cover of Rocky Horror's "Science Fiction Double Feature."

After that, Sele's mix of heavy-duty Rage Against the Machine fuck-the-man stylings riled up the crowd and nearly brought them the crown, but they were narrowly beaten in the competition by Opiate.

Closing out the night was Metal Hertz, who delivered a theatrical set of thundering, traditional heavy metal, complete with giant sign of their bloody name and giant-chainsaw theatrics. Now that's what I call old school.

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