Steve Poltz & The Cynics, The Truckee Brothers


Locals Only Art & Music Pub, 2249 E. 56th St.

Monday, Feb. 25, 7 p.m., 21+

When it came time to create the liner notes for his latest CD, Traveling, Steve Poltz decided to pursue a passport theme. In addition to the standard materials (songs, credits), the “permit” also includes an official-looking ID for the “State of a United Poltzadonia” and a list of “Some Things I Need to Do in My Life” (meet Elvis Presley, trick-or-treat at Liberace’s house, swim in the Adriatic Sea and “Pitch in the seventh game of the World Series for the Padres and get the win (doubtful)”).

Poltz might be best known for co-authoring Jewel’s single “Who Will Save Your Soul?” and for his time with the San Diego folk group The Rugburns.

Traveling collects 11 of the 80-plus songs that Poltz wrote over the past three years.

“There was so much creativity going on,” Poltz says. “Whenever I’m in the studio I have a guitar in my hand, so I will write songs while I’m in there. My producer Billy Harvey and I wanted 11 songs for this record. We cut the list of 80 down to 22, and ended up with two records.  

“The second album is called Unraveling and is available at my shows,” Poltz continues. “I’d say the material on Unraveling is a little bit quirkier than what is on Traveling.”

Poltz admits to having a strange disease, where “I think my latest song is my best one. I inundated Billy with songs until he yelled at me, ‘Stop it, Steve! Enough is enough!’”

So did Poltz really meet Elvis?

“Yes I did,” he replies. “When my family lived in Palm Springs, the manager of the airport lived across the street from us. One day, he told us that Elvis’ plane was scheduled to arrive at the airport that afternoon. My sister and I rode our bikes to the airport where we met Elvis on the tarmac.

“Like I say in the song ‘Brief History of My Life,’ I think he [Elvis] hugged my sister a little too long!”