Danica Johnson

Peelander-Z will be playing an all-ages show at Bubba's Bowling at 7 p.m. and at the Punk Rock Prom at the Melody Inn at 10 p.m. on Jan. 15. You really should go.

Q: What is the mission of Peelander-Z?

We want to save all of pandas in the space!!!

Q: This is done by playing Japanese action comic punk music?

We do not play music!! We just fun like eating air!! You eat air, we do J.A.C.P!!!

Q: What is Peelander Planet like?

Planet-Peelander is not far from here. But you can't see. If you know how to fun, you can feeeeeeel it!!! They eat "ENERGY & Smile." That's why we have to play and take "your ENERGY and Smile." Then we send that to our planet!

Q: Is there anything about American culture that you enjoy that is different from Japanese or Peelander culture?

Different is scary, but if you enjoy it, it's going to be fun!! Destroy all of your wall with Peelander-Z!!! We love to say medium rare!!!! We don't have any good steak in our planet!

Q: Tell me about your stage outfits.

You cannot see our shape if we don't have our skin. Don't call costume. It's our skin!! We actually an invisible man. You are lucky!!!

Q: What did you guys wear for Halloween?

Hey!! Listen!! We love Halloween in here! Because everybody want to wear like our skin.

Q: How does playing punk rock music live turn into Human Bowling?

I cannot explain about human bowling. Because we are not human being!! HAHAHAHA!! Any way, life is not only fun. We have a lot stress from something. We have to beat our stress before enjoy life!! That's why we show how to beat it with bowling. After human bowling, everybody can make smile!!

Q: As regular visitors, what do you like about Indianapolis?

They always wait us in there for fun! That's why we always want to come there!!

Q: Is there a noticeable difference between playing for an all-ages crowd and a 21-plus club show?

Planet-Peelander people doesn't have age!!!! Anyway, all-age kids want to grow up with Peelander-Z and over 21 people want to be a child like Peelander-Z!!


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