Danica Johnson

Forrest fronts burgeoning Indy punk rock band the Two-Bit Terribles. First impressions can be formed at Birdy's on Feb. 21 and Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn Feb. 26.

Q: As a new band, new to the music community, what is your perception of the Indy music scene?

A:It needs a boost. I see all these big acts skipping over Indy on their tours ... hardly selling out shows here, etc. The number of bands/acts/shows/venues also needs to keep growing with the town itself. I would also really like to see more of a female presence in the music scene here.

Q: Tell me about the band.

A:Some of it's simple, and some is not so simple. We have a lot of punk in us, but we also like to really vary our sound. We write music together. I write all lyrics and melodies during practice sessions and everything falls together. We have fun, but we take it seriously too.

Q: Your music is for fans of ... ?

A:I would say our music is really for any fans of different genres of rock music. My influences are less punk and more from artists such as Fiona Apple, and Tori Amos. We all have such variety in our musical backgrounds and we vary our songs so much. I would like to think we'd appeal to all sorts of music fans.

Q: Why punk?

A:The simple answer is that I just love it. The rawness of the sound really appeals to me. I really enjoy listening to female vocals in punk music. The more complex one is that I think punk music itself has really lost some of the idealism that existed originally. It's now consumed by counter culture which really maintains most of the same rules as pop culture with a different wardrobe. That's why people often say that punk is dead. I don't feel it's dead. I just don't think we all have mohawks and hate the world.

Q: How is it being a female lead?

A:I love it. I think it makes us different because there really aren't too many punk bands (especially in Indianapolis) with female leads. Also, it's really a fantastic way to express myself and represent who I really am. I'm a huge feminist but not in the traditional sense ... I call it the new feminism, but that's another story altogether.

Q: Do you feel like you have to punk up your image to preempt getting called a poser?

A:No. As a matter of fact, I try hard not to. I wear heels and pearls, and very normal clothes. I'd rather wear a prom dress on stage than punk up my look.

Q: Debbie Harry or Karen O?

A:Debbie Harry.

Q: What's the most punk thing you've ever done?

A:I've maintained my own sense of identity when I joined the punk scene. There is that pressure to look punk and act punk in the sense of the counter culture and I won't conform to that. I just really try to be myself in everything I do and I hope that speaks to people.


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