Danica Johnson

Keith hosts Planet X on X103, spinning electronica, rock and underground hip-hop and stuff they don't have a name for Sunday nights from 9 p.m.-midnight.

Q: How did you manage to get X103 to pick up a show diametrically different from its regular format?

A:Electronica was a buzzing scene and culture when we came on the air in 2000. Scott Jameson, then P.D. of X103, loved our show and appreciated the fact that we approached it with a sensitivity for radio. It would be easy to program an electronic music show that's very underground but very over everyone's head. We've never been concerned with trying to be really underground. A lot of people think the term "underground" means "uncompromising." That's bullshit.

Q: Favorite interview?

A:Underworld. We were in the lobby of their hotel in Chicago. If you're familiar with the band you know that Karl Hyde's lyrics are very abstract, stream-of-consciousness poems. Random thoughts and phrases that he writes down in a notebook he carries with him everywhere. The notebook has become a thing of legend. So we're sitting there and we're making fun of how posh the hotel is. In particular, how all the table lamps have their electrical cords wrapped up neatly in black velvet bags! We're laughing, and suddenly Karl pulls out his notebook and jots down "cable in a bag." I was blown away. Maybe that experience will turn up as a lyric in a future Underworld song.

Q: Do you have to have an active interest in music to succeed in radio?

ARadio is really more about selling hamburgers, but you at least need to be aware of what music is out there in order to put together a program that will draw an audience that likes hamburgers. If you just want to be an air personality, then you don't really have to know a lot about music; however, radio's becoming a tough industry in which to succeed as a DJ.

Q: Is there a connection between Indy being a touring deadspot and the role that radio plays here?

A:Without a doubt. Record labels have really cut back on tour support budgets. So they're being a lot more judicious with their planning. If a band is not getting radio support in a given market, then it's unlikely that anyone will show up at their show. Indy is further hamstrung by being positioned in the middle of several larger regional markets or markets with viable college radio stations.

Q: What's the story with your upcoming spots on IMC?

A:Just trying to get my media mogul on. I am now involved with an alternative sports TV show, also called Planet X, that is based in San Diego and syndicated all over America. IMC carries the show here in Indy. I am a personality and voiceover talent for the national show. I will now be hosting music video segments during the sports show, taped here in the IMC studios, but only for this market for now. Planet X TV will be on IMC every Friday and will be repeated Saturday night. Eventually I might tape some segments at area bars and clubs.

Q: What have you been spinning recently that's hot?

A:M.I.A. is just shit-hot. She's a rapper/singer from Sri Lanka. Kasabian are my new heroes. Bloc Party live up to the hype. LCD Soundsystem, Mylo, Morgan Geist & Metro Area, Sage Francis, M83 and Handsome Boy Modeling School are all special.


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