Does it irritate you that the bulk of Loretta’s press revolves around the Weidner brothers’ immense talent? Do you get tired of being overlooked by everyone, all the time?  I don’t think it’s irritating. They are the stars after all. I mean, who really gives a fuck who played bass in Hanson?  -Jim Shaffer is the bassist for the Indy rock band Loretta.-  Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s also another guy in the band, right?

Yeah, Stan Muller also is in the band. He plays guitar.

Don’t both Jason and Damon Weidner also play guitar?

Yeah, at times we’ll have three guitarists playing at once.

Why do you need a third guitar player if you already have two Weidner brothers playing guitar?

Well, we don’t really let Stan turn on his amp.

Rumor has it that Jason is quite a bass player. Do you think you would still have a job if he decided to get one of those guitar/bass combo deals?

Jason is quite the slap-and-pop master. Since his stylings don’t fit with what we’re doing I’m not too worried.

The Weidners are pretty respectively charismatic. Do the ladies love the Weidners?

Yeah, the brothers score the most tail. It makes it tough for a non-Weidner. The only time girls talk to us is to find out which Weidner is which.

Do you have any favorite Loretta songs?

My favorite Loretta song tends to change every day of the week. But I really like “1000 lbs” a lot. Especially the bass lines.

Jason wrote that one, right?

Uh, yeah. Do you think you can get my copy of The Translation signed?

Not a problem, I can sign one for you now. Um, I was talking about Jason, Jeremy and Damon Weidner. I suppose it’s cool if you want to sign it. You and the other guy, too, I guess. Oh, ok. Thanks.


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