Heidi Gluck is best known as a member of the Pieces and Some Girls with Juliana Hatfield. She will be opening up for Hatfield at the Patio with Gentleman Caller on Thursday, Dec 9.

Q: What's on your current project list?

I've got the Pieces and Some Girls, both with a record out, and with tentative plans for a second record in the new year for each of those bands. I just did a tour with another band, The Only Children, who are mostly from Kansas, where I played keys and sang back-up. I've been in the studio a lot in the last year with Andy Fry, writing and experimenting and working on my own stuff, and also on Richard Edwards' new record. I'm pretty much just available to play with my friends, and to play cool shows whenever I can.

Q: Other than bass, what instruments do you play?

Keyboards, lap steel, guitar and bass are the instruments that I'm most comfortable with. I like to play the harmonica, but I don't do that much in public. My latest favorite thing is an accordion that my parents bought for me at an auction back home. They gave it to me during Christmas break and I learned a few songs to play for them. I guess I think of myself mostly as a bass player. It just depends on the project, and what fits in the best.

Q: Do you often find yourself dealing with double standard sexism?

I try not to take anything too seriously from ignorant soundmen that think it's OK to try and adjust the settings on my amp, or from drunk men who comment on things other than the music I'm playing. It's just like everyday life, though, really, sifting through garbage and trying not to let it get you down.

Q: How do you describe your solo material?

I don't. It all feels new to me, even though a lot of the songs are kinda old. I really haven't done enough or played enough to give myself an idea of what I'm doing. I'm just playing songs and, hopefully, I'll come up with something that I can live with down the line. I don't feel that way yet, that's for sure.

Q: When you think about all the time you've spent touring, what directly comes to mind?

Meeting Neil Young on the street in Denver, totally by chance. Going to England and playing the first two shows of the tour without our drummer because of paperwork issues. Breakdowns and restaurants.

Q: What has your impression of working with Juliana Hatfield been from the beginning to now?

My impression was that Juliana was a really cool person and a wonderful singer, a cool guitarist, level-headed and laidback. I didn't know very much about her when I met her, but everyone I knew seemed to. My impression of her now is the same, except I know that she's also got a great sense of humor and some really amazing songs.


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