After 215 bands competed over 29 weeks, Indy modern rock band 7DFC recently won the Benchmark Records Battle of the Bands. Q: After three appearances at the Battle of the Bands finals in four years, why do you think you guys were able to finally pull it off?

I was happy and confident about our set. We played very well that evening and had tried our best to bring a good crowd. Things worked out for the best and we are proud and extremely excited about everything that came about.

Q: As the night went on, how did you feel about your chances?

Watching the other bands play and everyone just out front cheering and having a blast with every band that was on made it difficult to try and predict what anyone’s chances were. I thought About The Fire had a lot of love coming at them with the lighters and the sing-alongs. They were awesome! Project: Bottlecap was 110 percent. The Common were just kickin’ arse … Everyone was really on it and everyone that came to support was 110 percent as well.

Q: At any point while you were on stage, did you know you had it locked?

No way. At that point I think I was pinching myself so that I wouldn’t have the wet part of a wet dream. It was so surreal being up there that you don’t think about things like that.

Q: What happened to the band donning fuzzy bunny suits for the show?

Man, Wal-mart only sells them in kids sizes! Dang! I didn’t think it was fair that Tim would be the only one able to fit into one.

Q: You guys are known for having a very strong all-ages fan base. At some time is there a point where you decide to go for the bars, especially because your fans are becoming legal, or do you stay in to cultivate a new crop of under-agers?

It’s a good sign when you can still cultivate a new crop when the under-agers become legal. We don’t really decide to focus on just bar shows because of who is there. I think we would like to have a good show no matter where we play and gain whoever as a fan. The under-ages eat it up just as much as the bars do really. We get a few stale places that don’t even react to you, but that’s OK, too.

Q: Being a modern rock band when the national climate of rock radio is in a pretty sorry state, is this discouraging or encouraging for you guys and how you write and perform?

I think that it’s encouraging for us. A band has a good opportunity to stand out when things become a little stale. If you eat the same cracker for the last two years … then someone throws some cheese and pepperoni on it … you’re like, DAMN! This is so gooood! People will eat it up, something new and tasty! It’s only natural.