Danica Johnson

Barajas plays guitar in Extra Blue Kind. They will be joined by piano rockers Wolfy at the Patio on Thursday, Jan. 20.

Q: How would you describe the music and direction of the band in 2002 and now in 2005?

In 2002 we were alcoholics with loud amplifiers. These days we're kind of just getting over that three year hangover. We finally woke up and realized what's happening and how much we enjoy making music together. This is Extra Blue Kind.

Q: With the hype of winning radio contests, playing big shows, and being told regularly that you guys are good enough to make it; does that warp your sense of accomplishment/success?

It depends on your definition of "made it." No, we haven't slept in Carson Daily's bedroom yet, but we are looking through his window at night. The heart of EBK is pumping everyday and there are no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Q: When you were riding high on radio play and exposure, why didn't you jump on some of the big-time interest that it spawned?

Those people are scary. All we heard come out of their mouth was the sound of greed. Even though we were feeling good about things, we knew it wasn't the right time. After looking back, we won.

Q: When did you know you really had something?

We've played some great shows in front of thousands of people but personally our new album is our greatest accomplishment yet. Working with Vess [Ruhtenberg] has been a treat! He understood what EBK has been trying to do for the past three years.

Q: When your original bassist left, how did the shake up change things?

It was a little weird but mainly because he caught us off guard. He pulled the rug out from underneath us. We stayed on our toes, though. We took two weeks, drank some alcohol and wrote a new album. We barely blinked.

Q: Why did you decide to add a bass player again?

I think I finally made the decision to add someone. I felt like our live shows were a little too bare. After getting in the studio and writing all this new shit, it became very clear to the other guys as well that we needed two guitars again. Brian's a great player who breathes music. And for the felines, he's a single white male who enjoys William Hung, Scrabble and dressing up like Colonel Sanders ... he means well.

Q: Tell me about being a signed band.

We all drive new Lexus' and frequent Indy's finest brothels. I'm also now dating Natalie Portman and I'll be hittin' the slopes with P Diddy in March. Ahhhh, the life.

Q: What's up next?

Our first full length record! We'll be doing a lot of touring after the release of this record as well. It feels like we just shed some nasty, crusty ass skin and we can breathe again. I also believe there is a "sex tape" of Randee and Anna Nicole Smith online. We'll see how that helps our career.