Dave Dugan is the host of the ‘Hangover Café’ Sunday mornings on X103.  Q: How has the Hangover Café made it to a 10-year anniversary?

I’m as amazed as anyone. Previously, there was an inside joke circulating that the glass case in the hallway should read “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY — FIRE DUGAN.” I’d like to say the Hangover Café has succeeded for 10 years because of what I have to say and for running the “tightest board in town ...” but I realize if I said this I would be mocking myself again. I will say this: If the audience and corporation keep their expectations low where I’m concerned, I will deliver another 10 years!

Q: Have you ever been in opposition of a mandatory sponsorship activity or advertisement?

No, but anytime I have to mention a cream or ointment of any kind ... I know I’m very close to protesting.

Q: Would you say that radio DJs get too much credit for actually knowing anything about music?

I don’t think so; there are some knowledgeable people out there. I’m not always one of them, but if I don’t know something about an artist or a song — I am always more than willing to make something up.

Q: What’s been your most tragic moment on the air?

It actually just happened this past Sunday. I was unable to find a CD that I had promised I was going to play, so I went out to my car to search for it and was dive-bombed by cicadas. I don’t know if it was seeing them close up for the first time as I was hearing that deafening UFO sound, but my reflex action was to scream not once, but every time one of them buzzed by me. Thankfully, it was not a girly scream, but a man’s shriek of terror.

Q: Favorite moments?

My favorite moments are when a listener comments or writes how much they like the music. If they go on to say they like the sense of humor — that becomes a favorite moment. I’ve always known my humor is not for everyone. It can at times be too bizarre or shocking for some, so at most of the social gatherings I attend — I remain silent. When I don’t it almost always backfires.

Q: In your opinion, who is the best artist to ever come out of Indiana?

I believe who I will think is “the best thing” has yet to happen. OK, OK, if you’re going to sigh and fidget until I’m less vague — the Jackson Five. There: I said it.


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