Danica Johnson

Guitarist/vocalist and all around "golden" boy for Columbus, Ohio, rock band and Indy favorite Miranda Sound.

Q: Miranda Sound is for fans of ... ?

A:The Dismemberment Plan, The Police, Guided by Voices, Bon Jovi. Kidding. Kinda. Who knows? I'm proud that we are very difficult to pinpoint or label, but that we still have some rabid admirers.

Q: How was your return to the Melody Inn last weekend?

A:Holy crap! Dave Brown is such an awesome guy. The crowd was singing our songs back to us and everyone seemed to be having a blast. We love playing Indy and it hasn't felt that good since MMS in '03.

Q: How do you describe the new stuff compared to the older, specifically the album Engaged In Labor?

A:It's been a natural progression. We're still trying to write smart rock songs with hooks. This time around we're a bit more organized, and given the State of the Union, a bit more pissed off.

Q: That being one of the best records released in 2003, are you guys at all worried about blowing it because of the standard you've set for yourselves?

A:I couldn't ever place us on a "Best Of" list, but even after two years, I'm still proud of EIL. We're extremely careful (translate: anal) about which songs make it out of our practice space and onto the stage. So, we won't blow it, per se, but you never know how fans of the music will react.

Q: With all the pitfalls, low "success" rate and necessary sacrifices, why does anybody get in to rock and roll and why does anybody endure it for an elongated period of time?

A:Well, it all depends on your definition of success. Playing to an energized Melody Inn or Birdy's with great friends like Loretta is more than enough to inspire us to "keep on trucking." That's what the kids say, right? Seriously, we love writing and playing. And as long as it's still fun and a few people out there are passionate about hearing us, we'll keep bringing the rock.

Q: What would you be doing if not making time for the rock?

A:I'd be the token history teacher at your local public middle school that reeks of whiskey. Just kidding. Guinness.

Q: You fellas are regular visitors to Indy, are there any establishments you've come to enjoy?

A:On the rock and roll side, we LOVE the folks at Birdy's. Jimmy Pru and Matt Chandler are establishments, aren't they? We LOVE those weirdoes. MMS and IMAF have been extremely good to us also. Seriously, I hate dropping names, but we really enjoy coming to Indianapolis. Did I mention Yats and Bazbeaux? Wow. That stuff is amazing!

Q: You're considered the "nice guy" in the band, so what's the shittiest thing you've ever done to another person?

A:During my sophomore year at college, one of my hostile dorm-mates threw me against a wall while we were at a party. So I waited a few weeks and pretended to accept his apology. I proceeded to urinate in his shampoo bottle while he was home for a weekend. That meathead took golden showers for the rest of the spring semester.


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