Alanna Knestrick is the long-enduring significant other of Tim Koberstein of Indy rock band Seven Degrees from Center. She discusses the ups, the downs and the groupies. Q: How many shows over the last several years would you estimate you’ve seen?

A: There are so many I can’t even count, I normally just go to the in-town shows and let them have their “guy time” when they are on the road.

Q: At this point do you still go see them play because you enjoy it, or out of obligation?

A: To be honest, I love to watch them play, and love the music and I never feel obligated. Yeah, sometimes I wish I had more time with Tim on the weekends but I could not imagine it any other way.

Q: Could you have dated a rock boy if he was in a shitty band?

A: Yes I could, I really do not judge our relationship on the band, I’ve always judged my feelings for Tim on just him and him alone but it is a perk that his band is great.

Q: Are the groupie hopefuls aggravating or entertaining?

A: It’s entertaining to watch how much fun the fans have watching the guys play, it’s also funny to watch the guys’ reaction to all those hot girls (laughs). It makes me proud of them knowing they can have such an effect on people when they are performing. At a show at the Murat Theatre about two years ago, Tim and I were walking around after they performed and there were these two teen-age girls that kept following us for like 10 minutes. We finally realized all they wanted was for Tim to sign this banner they had. It was a really great feeling and it was nice to see Tim experience something like that.

Q: The best part of being a band girlfriend?

A: The best is being a part of something special; also, I can’t lie: When they have their big shows like the one at Verizon, being back stage and experiencing that excitement with them is really awesome.

Q: The worst?

A: The worst is when they are gone for long periods of time; it’s rough hearing his voice so far away.

Q: Even though you knew he was in a band before you started dating, do you ever get impatient with the sacrifices that have to be made for the band?

A: Sometimes it can be hard, the long trips and shows weekend after weekend. It can be stressful on a relationship but I know this is what he is supposed to be doing and I’m behind him 100 percent.


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