Rick Zeigler is the owner/operator of Indy CD & Vinyl in Broad Ripple.

What did you do prior to opening the store on Broad Ripple Avenue?

Prior to opening the store in Broad Ripple, I had a similar store in Salt Lake City. Prior to that, I was a clinical psychologist.

What brought you to Indy?

I moved the store here because we were dissatisfied with the available school options in Utah for our son and I grew up in Muncie so was familiar with Broad Ripple and Indianapolis.

Top five all-time favorite records?

1. Abbey Road, Beatles 2. Beggars’s Banquet/Sticky Fingers, Rolling Stones 3. London Calling, Clash 4. Stranger’s Almanac, Whiskeytown, 5. La’s, La’s

Top five all-time favorite concerts?

1. Bob Marley, 1979 2. Rolling Stones, 1972 3. Bruce Springsteen, 1976 4. Talking Heads, 1984 5. Sigur Ros, 2003. I probably should include Jimi Hendrix, who I saw when he came to Muncie when I was 11, but I honestly don’t remember much of it.

Top five all-time favorite movies about music?

1. A Hard Day’s Night 2. Nashville 3. Gimme Shelter 4. The TAMI Show 5. Quadrophenia

Favorite recent releases?

Mars Volta, Rapture, Non-Prophets, Rosebuds “Make Out,” Sleepy Jackson, Electrelane.

Who do you think is making the most relevant music today? How do you define relevance?

I would define relevance as any music that is moving the art into new places. To me, the most relevant artists today are Sigur Ros, Mars Volta, “underground” hip-hoppers on the Anticon, Quannum and related labels (e.g., Atmosphere, Sage Francis), Radiohead and, in jazz, Brad Mehldau and James Carter.


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