Matt Mays is a local musician and televisual producer.

What is Pathway Productions?

Pathway is a multiple Emmy-winning full-service television, video and new media production company. We employ producers, writers, directors, designers and a great sales team. We do broadcast television for several cable networks. We also do a lot of video, Web and CD Rom design for local and national business clients. My title is VP of production. I’m a producer, writer and director and have been here four and a half years.

Please explain some of your higher profile assignments and productions.

Last year we pitched a show to VH1 called 7 Days Left … The idea is we would go to a music-based event and cover all of the setup and preparation until the actual event happens. We produced one show where we followed Queen Latifah and her posse in the week leading up to the ’03 Oscars. (She was nominated for best supporting actress in Chicago.) We put six crews in L.A. and New Jersey, virtually around the clock, for the entire week. It was insane. We didn’t sleep. The craziest part was that the air date for the show was six days after the Oscar broadcast. We were editing around the clock as well. There’s a lot more to the story but I should say that the week ended with a few of Pathway’s finest doing 120 mph down 16th Street, trying to feed the show via satellite in time for air. We made it.

When you tell people what you’re up to, are they amazed that this is happening in the middle of Indiana?

Definitely. I’m proud of the fact that we’re proving, on a daily basis, that something of national quality can be produced here in Indy. I think this city is full of talented, capable artists who should be recognized for their efforts. Music, art, film, whatever the medium — we are not less talented artists because we don’t live on a coast or have fabulous hair. Anyone who perceives this place as “the middle of nowhere,” simply just doesn’t get it.

Tell me about your band, The Spin.

We sound much better than our name, I’ll say that. Someone once said we sounded like Steely Dan and Dave Matthews had sex and their five-headed baby became The Spin. Personally, I feel that is an affront to my heroes, Mr. Fagen and Mr. Becker, but I suppose it’s a fair assessment. You can hear our CD at The Spin will play their farewell show at the Patio on May 1 with Paging Raymond. I’m working on a new project with Jessica Benge and a local funk/deep house group called En2. We’ll be recording soon.

You recently collaborated on a music video with local rockers Devil to Pay. What’s the story there?

A few months back, I ran into him [Steve Janiak] and we discussed the idea. Since the budget is small, I’m serving several roles — director, producer and anything else that needs to be done. My good friend and longtime collaborator, Bill Baker, is shooting it. At this date, we’re still in the process of shooting and plan to have the finished product ready by the end of March. My hope is that we can ship the video to various vendors and possibly get some airplay for the band.

Do you plan to pursue more projects like this in the realm of music video?

I’ve always made music videos, short films and other weird stuff on the side. My hope with the DTP project is to push Pathway in the direction of doing this sort of stuff more often. I love the projects our company is involved in but the thought of becoming a go-to place for something like a music video is unbelievably exciting.


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