Some Very Standard Christmases

A Very Standard Christmas

Let's all climb into our time machines and travel back to 2006, when we all weren't entirely fed up with Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Take a listen to Standard Recording's Christmas compilation (for free!) and travel back to a time when Mariah was queen. Luckily, (most of) these local bands are still around and just as merry.

1. BIGBIGCar - All I Want For Christmas (Is You)

2. Everything, Now! - Jesus Christ/Nuclear War

3. Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Plasma for Christmas

4. More Animals of the Arctic - I Tell Lies

5. Red Queen Hypothesis - Crockpot Barbeque

6. This Story - Themes From Christmas

7. Elephant Micah - Jesus Christ

8. Arrah and The Ferns - Merry Christmas, Not X-Mas

9. Harley Poe - It's Christmas Time Again

10. Everthus the Deadbeats - Deadbeat Christmas

11. Chad Serhal - When the First Snow Comes

12. Dean Plays Hardball - Little Retail Boy

Check out Standard Recording's other Christmas compilations as well.


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