In the 2008 song “Stay Positive”, The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn talks about some of his early musical influences when he tunefully groans “The Youth of Today and the early 7 Seconds taught me some of life’s most valuable lessons”. Craig Finn has no problem tipping his hat to musical influences (Dillinger Four, Iggy Pop, Hüsker Dü, etc), but that line in particular points to some of his earliest influences.

While Youth of Today influenced many young punks during their short life-span (mainly through their “Youth Crew” movement), it was Nevada hardcore act 7 Seconds that touched the hearts of pop-punkers, indie-rockers and hardcore kids alike.

  • Kevin Seconds: "... back in the day when things were way different."

Formed in 1980 (when Craig Finn was all of nine years old), 7 Seconds quickly made a name for itself in the fledgling American hardcore scene. While never claiming to be a straight-edge band, 7 Seconds was a major player in the early straight-edge movement as well. Their positive spin on hardcore (an often violent, negative genre) was marked by their focus on scene unity.

Still a band today (30 years later), 7 Seconds is releasing records and playing shows, but the lineup has gone through quite a few changes. Only brothers Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth have remained, while drum and guitar duties have been filled by a revolving door of musicians.

While 7 Seconds soldiers on, frontman Kevin Seconds has been performing solo in various projects since 1989. His solo material has been mostly acoustic throughout the years, and almost always a departure from the hardcore of his bread-winning band. His most popular solo recordings are found on a 2002 split record with Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba.

His latest solo incarnation, Kevin Seconds and His Ghetto Moments, is touring in support of a debut record Rise Up, Insomniacs. On the record, Seconds finds himself revisiting the Brian Wilson-inspired material found on the Matt Skiba split, but with splashes of folk and indie rock. The Ghettos Moments also sports a full band including Kevin’s wife, Allyson (how cute, right?).

Indianapolis has the distinction of being one of the few dates on the Ghetto Moment’s brief late-Summer tour. The Melody Inn will host the show with opening act The Innocent Boys which features members of two Indiana establishments; Harley Poe and Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band. Even though Mondays aren’t usually ideal for going out, this is one show that punk and hardcore enthusiasts, as well as indie and folk aficionados, should make a point to attend.

  • Kevin Seconds: "... and the sing along songs will be our scriptures"


w/ The Innocent Boys

Monday August 30th @ The Melody Inn

Doors @ 8, Show @ 9


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