RSD Watch: Three Toxic Reasons releases

Toxic Reasons at the Mel

Besides Beer City being a theoretical city that we would love to uproot and move to right away, it's an awesome Milwaukee label (and skateboard company). They're putting out nine total releases for RSD, and Indy punks Toxic Reasons are featured on three of them.

Info below:

Release 1: Ghost Town 7-inch

From label:Brought to you only by the one and only Beer City Skateboards and Records, the official reissue of the legendary second 7" by TOXIC REASONS - Ghost Town! That's right, after being out of print for over 32 years, Beer City has reissued the legendary TOXIC REASONS 2nd 45rpm Ghost Town! After releasing its debut 7" (War Hero) TOXIC REASONS showed they were a force to be reckoned with and the follow-up would have to be even better! People had high expectations but little did they know those expectations would be exceeded by Ghost Town. This 45 contains 3 songs that would soon become classics: two punk songs and a brand new track called "Ghost Town'" that would bring punk and reggae together in a way no one else had done before. As with all Beer City releases we want them to sound the best they can so we made sure to restore this recording and remaster it so it sounds better and louder then it ever was. Since it's a RSD release we decided to limit it to 1000 copies on blue vinyl. So make sure you go to your local record store on RSD and pick this up before it's long gone!

* Limited to 1000 done on blue vinyl for RSD 2014

* Restored and remastered

* This 7" has been out of print for over 32 years

* Original copies of this 7" sell for huge dollars online

* First authorized reissue of this 7" ever

* A huge piece of hardcore/punk history

Release 2: War Hero 7-inch

From label: Beer City Skateboards and Records is honored to reissue the first ever 7" by the legendary TOXIC REASONS. Originally released in 1980, this is the one that started it all, folks! Four guys that shared of love of punk bands like THE SEX PISTOLS and THE CLASH came together to make some noise and carry the torch for punk. This 7" is the result of their first effort. A legendary two-song 45 that would be pressed in limited quantities and years latter be sought out by collectors and fetch big $'s IF you could find a copy. While it would be very hard to improve upon a release like this. we went the extra step by restoring and remastering it to provide an optimal listening experience. So when April 19th comes make sure to hit up your local record store and get this very special reissue!

* Limited to 1000 pressed on blue vinyl for RSD 2014

* TOXIC REASONS' first-ever release!

* Hasn't seen the light of day since it was originally released in 1980

* This recording was completely restored and remastered

Release 3: Live 'Berkely Square: December 1981' LP

From label: Beer City Skateboards and Records is proud to bring you the long lost and never released before released 'TOXIC REASONS Live 'Berkeley Square: December 1981 LP featuring five never before heard songs! Step back in time and witness a live show of the legendary TOXIC REASONS in their early years. Not only is this a live show during America's classic time for punk and hardcore. Its also a live show that features five never before heard TOXIC REASONS songs. Of course this being TOXIC REASONS you know these songs are a fast, intense mix of punk and hardcore played like no one besides TOXIC REASONS could! To top it off, many of the classics that would go onto appearing on TOXIC REASONS debut LP Independence are also captured on this rare live recording. This being a Beer City release you know it's going to naturally get the 'red carpet treatment'! This recording was completely cleaned, restored and remastered for the best and loudest possible sound as well as liner notes by the band. Additionally - 1000 of these rare recordings will be pressed on translucent vinyl for RSD 2014. So make sure you go to your local record store on April 19th and pick up this rare piece of hardcore/punk history!

* Limited Edition 1000 pressed on translucent red vinyl

* Contains 5 TOXIC REASONS songs that were never recorded except here

* Recording has been completely restored and remastered for

optimal listening pleasure

* TOXIC REASONS is know world wide