Rock the Vote visits The Underground and Melody Inn


Concerts March 29 and April 5 part of voter awareness campaign

Rock the Vote is coming to town, and they’re taking it right to their core audience, landing at The Underground at the Harrison Center on March 29 and at Melody Inn on April 5. They’ll be answering voters’ questions as well as signing people up to vote in the upcoming primary and general elections.

Some unlikely figures have come together to encourage music fans to get involved in the political process.

NUVO cartoonist Wayne Bertsch and Punk Rock Night maestro Greg Brenner are not exactly on similar ends of the political spectrum, as anyone who’s witnessed any of their epic political clashes (usually involving Ron Paul) on can attest. But they both agree on the importance of getting out the vote.

Hence, their partnership on the April 5 Punk Rock Night.

“No matter what our differences are, Greg and I just disagree on how to solve the problems,” Bertsch says. “We both agree on what the problems are. It’s about finding that common ground and going from there.”

Detroit-based all-female power trio Broadzilla heads up the night; Johnie 3, the Vibrolas and the Peggy Sues will also be on hand. Show starts at 10 p.m. with an $8 cover.

“Broadzilla is pretty good on their own, but any of the bands on this list make it worthwhile,” Bertsch says.

This weekend’s all-ages Rock the Vote show at the Harrison Center Underground will feature The Independents, the horror-punk-ska band that was managed by Joey Ramone up until his death. The show also includes Up! Scumbag, Highway Magic and Prizzy Prizzy Please.

Thomas May of, one of the promoters of The Independents show, calls The Independents “the original horror-ska band,” but definitely a group with their own touch.

“These guys bring a bubble machine and a smoke machine on stage,” May says. “A bubble machine’s not something you expect from a band like that, but it’s all part of the stage presence. I don’t know how they do it, but at the end of the set, the guitar player usually plays while blood gushes from his mouth. If you like the horror thing or the ska thing, they’re a great band.”

What: The Independents, Up! Scumbag, Highway Magic and Prizzy Prizzy Please

Where: The Underground at the Harrison Center for the Arts (1505 N. Delaware St.)

When: Saturday, March 29, 7 p.m., $7, all ages

What: Punk Rock Night with Broadzilla, Johnie 3, the Vibrolas, the Peggy Sues

Where: The Melody Inn (3826 N. Illinois St.)

When: Saturday, April 5, 10 p.m., $8, 21+


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