Reaching for the stars


Up-and-coming DJ Zach Marburger, known as DJ StarSteady, has already found himself spinning among the top players in his field. From Steve Smooth to JJ Flores, the young, laid-back man is calmly encountering a level of depth in the electronic music scene few his age experience.

“Those guys are pretty much role models,” he says of Smooth and Flores. “They have unique, innovative music that keeps electronic music’s edge, which is what I try to do with my music.”

Marburger, 21, pairs his tracks with an edgy look. It’s difficult to miss the 6-foot-2 IUPUI student whether he’s behind the decks or walking through campus with his three-inch wildly spiked hair and wide grin.

His unique look and sound quickly caught the attention of clubs all over the Midwest, as well as Estilo Recordings’ The Verdugo Brothers. Now close friends, Marburger is working with the California-based duo on a CD slated for release this spring.

Marburger spins peak-hour electro house, a mix of electronic sounds, bass lines and synthesizers.

“I start out at a decent pace and build into something,” he says. “I try to tell a story with my mixes. Mixing songs is more than matching beats. If they’re not harmonious and melodic, it doesn’t mean anything.”

While Marburger admires local DJs Seth Nichols and Slater Hogan, Bad Boy Bill is particularly inspirational for him.

“When I heard Bad Boy Bill’s Behind the Decks CD, it took me over,” Marburger says.

Along with music collaborator Brandon Cook, Marburger also manages the production company Let’s Play House, which delivers international DJs to venues like Therapy Nightclub and Lounge and The Ugly Monkey.

Marburger refers to Therapy as a big city club in a little city.

“There’s a broad line between entertainment and art,” he says. “I like clubs like Therapy that aren’t afraid to do something different or out of the ordinary top 40 music.”

Marburger gives credit to DJ Seth Nichols’ work at Therapy, as well as the work of DJ Slater, for keeping the electronic music scene alive and kicking in Indianapolis.

“There’s never been an outlet for electronic music. It’s not like music on MTV or on the radio,” Marburger says. “Seth and Slater should be given the utmost respect for keeping the scene going through the good and the bad over the years.”

DJ StarSteady tracks and tour dates

DJ StarSteady’s favorite records

Anthony, Thank My Baby

Ian Carey, Lose Control

Fedde Le Grand, Just Trippin’

Danny Freakazoid, Teken

Henrik B, Overrun


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