People vs. Radio


Son of Thought, Peggy Sues, Twilight Sentinels, Grey Granite, Deific

Emerson Theater (4634 E. 10th St.)

Saturday, March 29, 7 p.m., $7, all-ages

The rock band People vs. Radio attacks the political and the personal with equal gusto. Drummer Joe Quinn describes his band as a “rag-tag bunch coming from all different worlds.”

The band is set to release their first EP, which contains complex songs that hint at hip-hop, with ethereal sample layers and tripped-out guitars that explode into full-on punk rock. A lead singer who could be Freddie Mercury’s little sister rides atop the music.

People vs. Radio will be playing alongside a slew of artists that include the all-female rock group the Peggy Sues and hip-hop artist Son of Thought at the Emerson Theater on March 29, in a special “Punk vs. Hip-Hop” concert.

For a band as edgy as People vs. Radio, it might come as a surprise that it’s their first all-ages show.  “You’ve got to reach the youth,” says turntablist Mike Graves. “That’s where the energy comes from.”

“The Emerson’s the first place I ever played,” guitarist Travis Henson reminisces. “I feel like I’m going back to give the kids what I got from going there. It’s great to expose all the collaboration between the groups.”

The Emerson show is a collaborative effort: You can expect to see some of the same faces pop up with different acts as the evening progresses.

Saturday will also see the first public performance by talented young emcee Grey Granite in four years. Granite sees the importance of keeping a show’s lineup diverse.

“In hip-hop we are super open to other music because we sample it all!” confides Granite. Proving his own point, Granite recently released a song sampling Detroit garage-rockers White Stripes.


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