Party Expert

Finding someone to kiss at the Rock 'N' Roll ball at the Hyatt 2006 is finally here; another New Year’s Eve has come and gone. As I sit, drowsy from my now three-day hangover, I think about how I want to make my next year different from the last. How will I improve myself? How will I leave an imprint? What will be my resolution? The first hours of January 2006 help point the way forward.

Go big or go home

I rang in the new year at the Rock ’N’ Roll Ball at the downtown Hyatt. There were hundreds of people, all dressed to the nines, perusing the entertainment that occupied three floors of the hotel. At midnight, I stood on a balcony overlooking a sea of eager faces awaiting the countdown and when the 20,000 balloons dropped from the ceiling (and this may have been the multiple vodka shots) the spectacle of the event overwhelmed me and I had to run under an archway to avoid the falling rainbow. The Rock & Roll Ball was a huge event and will foreshadow a gargantuan year. In 2006 I will live life to the fullest and always do things to the extreme.

Spend more time with friends

I took a dozen buddies to the hotel party this year. After leaving our room, we made our way down to the scene where we cut in lines at the bar, tried to climb on stage to be with the Carl Storie Band and danced on each other’s shoulders in the middle of the crowd. The other guests definitely thought we were insane and by the end of the night, entire crowds would part for us.

Somehow, at midnight, I got separated from my clan and as everyone was counting down and making out, I was running around like a lost 10-year-old in a mall. At the stroke of midnight I was alone; alone amongst people who were celebrating the fact that they had someone.

This year I want to be more accessible. No more screening my phone calls, no more ignoring friends because they aren’t in the VIP section, and this year I will respond to all my e-vites. I am going to be a better friend, because better friends don’t get lost.

Be more spontaneous

For the entire party night my best friend Jered was the perfect wingman. We ran around the Hyatt lobby terrorizing older women with our offers of affection, we spent 20 minutes stomping on balloons before people starting to form a crowd and cheer us on, at 1 o’clock we took a cab to a party uptown where we knew no one and didn’t care, and by 2 in the morning we were one mouse-click away from buying tickets to Maui for New Year’s Day. We spent so much of our December planning our New Year’s Eve and it felt great to throw everything out the door and just live in the moment. I plan to keep up that exhilaration.

I want to be less predictable in 2006. I want to shock more people, inspire more people and take more risks. Those are the resolutions that make a great year.

Happy holidays.