We Are Hex, Pterodactyl

The Melody Inn, 3826 N. Illinois St.

Thursday, March 20, 8 p.m., $6, 21+

“I used to describe us as ‘loud and awesome,’ but someone at last night’s show described us as ‘blazing,’” laughs Parts & Labor multi-instrumentalist DJ Warshaw.

Described as “Brooklyn’s noise-punks,” Parts & Labor’s two core members, Warshaw and guitarist/vocalist Dan Friel, are as busy as scruffy art-rocker types can be these days.

In addition to operating Cardboard Records, Washaw and Friel keep a steady schedule of “blazing, loud and awesome” live shows while recording as regularly as anyone not named Pollard or Adams. They recently wrote and recorded 51 songs in one weekend, short pop songs full of, as Warshaw described, “blasting beats.”

Drawing on those songs, the new album is “the second in a series called Escapers, which is a series all about trying new concepts or songwriting devices we don’t normally explore,” Warshaw says. “It’s not out quite yet, but we have copies we’re selling on this tour.”

Warshaw and Friel have seen their share of personnel changes of late. In addition to changes in drummers, Parts & Labor now flaunt a new guitarist, Sarah Lipstate, who, among countless other notable achievements, played in Glenn Branca’s esteemed 100 Guitar Ensemble. “It’s starting to feel like this is the band we’ve been trying to be all along,” Warshaw laughed about the new addition. “Sarah has only played eight shows with us so far and things are already starting to feel very cohesive.”

So what exactly do Parts & Labor sound like, you ask? Brooklyn. They sound about how you’d expect the artsy back alleys of Brooklyn to sound. Not good enough? OK, imagine Oneida, minus the thick, greasy layer of stoner-rock meandering. Oh, and be sure to throw in a fair share of well-executed (read: not cheesy) electronic elements and a little more beard-fueled energy.

Still not getting it? How’s this: They sound blazing. And awesome. And loud.

Head over to their MySpace page, myspace.com/partsandlabor, for audio samples. While you’re there, be sure to check out their even more lo-fi and raucous Brooklyn brethren, Pterodactyl, who will join local dance-rock trio We Are Hex for the March 20 Melody show.


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