Show Review

George Clinton/P-Funk

The Music Mill

Monday, Jan. 10 George Clinton delivered the funk Monday night at the Music Mill.

If anyone needed a reminder of the miraculous power of music, and its ability to bring a smile to one's face and a groove to one's ass, it was provided in multitudes by the George Clinton show Monday at the Music Mill.

For well over three hours, Clinton and his musical family - literal and figurative - brought the funk, the showmanship and the virtuosic performances the world has come to expect from P-Funk for the last three decades.

For P-Funk fanatics, the big news was that legendary keyboardist Bernie Worrell, the mastermind behind some of P-Funk's greatest material, has patched things up with Clinton and was back behind his wall of Moog, a welcome sight.

Clinton himself has lost a step or two over the years - haven't we all! - but it doesn't take a lot of energy to mumble into the mic and smile as the band carries on. Even in his heyday, Clinton himself could never be described as a high-energy performer; he's more of a bandleader and guru.

You had all the elements of a great P-Funk show: the blazing guitar solos on "Maggot Brain"; the pure exuberance of "Flashlight"; George's granddaughter, Shonda, rapping about weed and the length and firmness she requires from a man; and even a cameo appearance by "Sir Nose," one of the P-Funk characters of yore.

One of the biggest highlights of the show was the singing and dancing of Kendra Foster, a young vocalist with an angelic voice and a charismatic stage presence. Obsessives would do well to check out her solo album, which was produced by Clinton.

Another big star was the Music Mill itself. Whatever logistical problems they might have had for their first show were fixed; the venue is elegant, classy and worthy of the P-Funk magic.

The only complaint about this magnificent evening of music is that Clinton shut down the party after three and a half hours. For true devotees of the funk, five hours is about right.

But even three is a blessing, and those in attendance at the Music Mill Monday night were blessed manyfold by the magic that is Parliament-Funkadelic.


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