Off With Their Heads

OWTH: Happier than their music lets on

Legendary Minneapolis punk band Dillinger Four become the unintentional founder of an entire genre sub-genre of punk rock. Called “D4-Core” by some, the genre is rapidly growing in underground punk circles.

Aside from D4, the current leader of the movement is fellow Minneapolitan quartet Off With Their Heads. Formed in 2002, OWTH helped fill the void when D4 took a six-year break between 2002’s phenomenal Situationist Comedy and 2008’s passable CIVILWAR. OWTH melds the rumbling, melodic hardcore punk of D4 with their own bleak outlook on life. Where D4 made tongue-in-cheek observations of social issues, OWTH writes brooding anthems of self-loathing and dispair.

  • OWTH: Happier than their music lets on

OWTH first made waves with their 2006 EP Hospitals. The success of Hospitals got them signed to underground heavyweight label No Idea, which released their breakthrough album, From The Bottom. Them album erupted with depressing lines like I'll tell you why I entertain the thought of dying all the time without coming within a mile of “emo”. The album also landed the band a spot on the roster of one of the biggest labels in punk rock.

In 2010, OWTH stepped up to the big leagues with the release of their second proper album, In Desolation on Epitaph Records. However successful, the move to Epitaph raised more than a few eyebrows. Once a niché label that was synonymous with the 90’s punk revival, Epitaph’s output over the last ten years has consisted of dubious fashion metal (Bring Me The Horizon, Escape The Fate) and high school drama rock (Parkway Drive, Our Last Night). OWTH brought some well needed credibility to the label.

Tonight, the four-piece will grace the stage at Rock Lobster in Broad Ripple. Thursday through Saturday, the bar has a nasty reputation as a “Brodog” hotspot. But you can rest assured that Rock Lobster is just as conducive to live punk. Be sure to catch them tonight!

Off With Their Heads w/ Fake Boys and Junker

@ Rock Lobster (820 Broad Ripple Ave)

Bands at 9 PM


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