Best live venue for punk rock

Melody Inn

3826 N. Illinois St., 923-4707,

The Melody Inn is one hell of a bar. It easily blows away anything in Broad Ripple or downtown. It has a great atmosphere and an eclectic cast of regulars. It works just as well as a venue as it does a bar. The tiny stage is the perfect setting for those intimate shows that stay with you forever. No matter how big a band gets, it will never play a better show than the ones it plays at the Melody Inn. (If only there were a way to allow the under-21s in.) But for anyone of-age, check out the historic Mel every Saturday for Punk Rock Night (

1. Prizzy Prizzy Please

Few bands can pull off what PPP does: guitarless punk rock that hits hard and burns a melody in your skull. Imagine if Andrew W.K., David Byrne, Frank Black and Freddy Mercury all mated and created a band of super babies. PPP’s members are wise beyond their years with a deep understanding of the joyous religion of rock and roll.

2. Bolth

This three-piece packs a wallop, combining the classic hardcore of act Black Flag with the “crust-punk” of Leftover Crack and a hint of ska for good measure. Be sure to learn their lyrics so you can shout along and pump your fists in the pit.

3. McSmokerson

This is the greatest band that Fat Wreck Chords never managed to sign. The Bloomington-by-way-of-Avon quartet brings new life to the often-soiled genre of pop-punk. Its killer melodies are solid gold. This is no Simple Plan or Fall Out Boy; this is what you should’ve been listening to all along.

4. Shocker Zulu

These “Baile-Punks” have been writing killer music for a while now. While they are influenced by punk acts like Minor Threat and Against Me!, their music incorporates everything from Baile-funk and electro to folk and tribal music. Their sound might not be pure punk, but their attitude is.

5. Everthus the Deadbeats

Punk rock isn’t always about being tough or having tattoos. Sometimes, it’s just about having a good time. These glam nuts have been rocking back and forth from Muncie to Indianapolis for a while now and they just keep getting nuttier … and better. They also make up one of the best indie rock bands in town.


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