Victory Field and the Rathskeller: A gem in the heart of Indianapolis, Victory Field is the best place in the city to sit in the grass and enjoy a beer with your friends (especially now that they finally put PBR and Old Style on tap). The roar of the crowd, the lights and the late evening — summer weather grant me the right to heckle as loudly as I can … and I will. Stumble to the other side of downtown afterward to sip Spaten Optimator in the Rathskeller’s Beirgarten, and you’ll wish the high-fives would never end.


The Wellington: The hardwood trim and the old-school décor are a welcome sight on Pint Night at the Welly. Join faces from the Broad Ripple service industry for a down-tempo evening of darts, great conversation and, most importantly, cheap pints.


O.P.T.’s and Average Joe’s: I love sitting on the patio of O.P.T.’s with the garage doors open to Broad Ripple Avenue, watching my Red Sox on the big screen, eating cheese pizzas with hot sauce and drinking pitchers of beer. The games are normally over when the regulars start streaming in, leaving me to meet up with my lovely wife and shoot pool at Average Joe’s across the street, where billiards is free all night every Wednesday.


Casba: Scott Matelic and Paren (with others) have an amazing night that has been going strong for quite some time. Electronic, dance, hip-hop and everything in between is spun in this underground den of cool.


Wheeler Arts Building, Big Car Gallery, the Stutz Building and IMOCA: “First Friday” at local art galleries has quickly moved Indianapolis even further from the basketball-crazy hayseed stereotype it has been saddled with for years. Spend the night with other like-minded art-aficionados and scenesters in surprisingly fun, up-beat and alcohol-fueled environments. Big Car Gallery regularly pairs live music with its First Friday openings, and I have always had a blast avoiding the beaten path and expanding my horizons by soaking in the culture while sipping a PBR.


The Front Page: A crowded, smoke-filled oasis away from the usual watering holes filled with overfed knuckleheads dry-humping each other at meat-market sports bars and South Meridian pickup dance clubs. Why is The Front Page the place to be on Saturdays? Because Dave Britts and Nick from SoundSlam wheel in their turntables and use their skills on the ones and twos, playing only the best in underground hip-hop, dance and indie rock. The two of them are essentially the best Indianapolis has to offer in terms of encyclopedic knowledge of hip-hop music and raw turntable talent. Additionally, there is beer here.


The Alley Cat: Once upon a time, the Cat wasn’t open on Sundays … a sad and dark time in this fair city. Now that its liquor license allows the doors to be open, we can all imbibe on the Lord’s Day in one of “America’s Best Dive Bars.” Well, then why not?


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