The Rathskeller: You can't beat it in the summer. There’s a great outdoor area, great beer selection and fun people. You always see someone you haven't seen in a long time, and people from out of town always ask about this place, but most can't remember or pronounce its name.


The Vogue, Birdy's Bar & Grill and Spin Nightclub: They are doing a great job of bringing live, independent music to Indianapolis. These venues have stepped up their game and are trying hard to show Indianapolis that there is much better music out there than what is being played on our radio stations. Tuesday night is as good as any to see great live music.


The Wellington: You can play darts and drink Bells. Winna winna, chicken dinna. Go next door to the Corner Wine Bar and have a great meal beforehand


The Beer Cellar: shuffleboard and $5 pitchers. ’Nuff said.


Harrison Center for the Arts: The center is awesome on an open studio night and during art show openings. It's easily one of the most underrated/underappreciated venues full of talented people in Indianapolis.


The Alley Cat: Sometimes called the “Shitty Kitty,” I love everything about it. The bartenders are great and everyone seems to love music and booze. Most bands that stay in town after their shows can be found here for post-show drinks.


The Blue Crew: best place to watch the Colts. The atmosphere of Colts love will envelop you here.


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