Fifth year is event's biggest More than 400 bands will descend upon Indianapolis this weekend for the Midwest Music Summit, which will feature performances at 36 venues across the city.

Designed to coincide with the NAMM music trade show, which is also taking place in Indy this weekend, the summit will bring up-and-coming performers from across the country for the three-day event.

Leading the charge of indie-rock buzz bands will be the French Kicks, Louis XIV and Tegan & Sara, all acts with a growing national reputation. Hundreds of local and regional bands will also perform.

Badges for the event are $100, with wristbands available for $25. For more details and a complete schedule of events, visit

Historical overview

Recently, NUVO sat down with Midwest Music Summit’s Josh Baker for a nostalgic trip through the event’s history.

Midwest Music Summit 2001

Band submissions: 755

Bands participating: 150

Venues: 25

Attendees: 1,250 badges / 2,500 total attendance

Keynote speaker: KRS-One

Triumph: The event actually happened!

Disaster: Losing $80,000 we didn’t have.


Band submissions: 800

Bands participating: 184

Venues: 22

Attendees: n/a

Keynote speaker: no keynote

Triumph: Juliana Hatfield at the Patio / Marc Farina at Eden was off the hook / Peelander Z becomes the first band from outside of the U.S. to play

MMS Disaster: Power goes out at the Cozy in the middle of the Brand Plastic’s set.


Band submissions: 945

Bands participating: 211

Venues: 24

Attendees: n/a

Keynote speaker: Martin Kierszenbaum, Interscope

Triumph: Jeff Zuckerman bailing us out of debt / Ventilator after-party with The Slurs / parting ways with Scarab Records / first ever MMS Songwriters in the Round

Disaster: Peppers backs out at last minute / JY’s closes doors / Cat Power’s performance at Radio Radio and her rolling on the ground under the venue saying, “Smell the Earth” / Indie Alley Trade Show


Band submissions: 1,100

Bands participating: 278

Venues: 24

Attendees: 1,745 badges / 6,000 total attendance

Keynote speaker: n/a

Triumph: Songwriters in the Round sold out / Red Room, Alley Cat and Monkey’s Tale emerging as legitimate live music venues with capacity crowds / we grossed a $5 profit on the event!

Disaster: Our outdoor stage flopping / Robbers On High Street’s van broke down and they were a no-show / Calvin Johnson on our panel (and being 30 minutes late) / Burning Brides canceling, then confirming, then canceling and finally showing up to play

2005 (speculative)

Band submissions: 1,545

Bands participating: 436

Venues: 36

Attendees: 3,100 registrants / 15,000 attendance

Keynote speaker: no keynote / 14 panels scheduled

Triumph: Partnership with NAMM / national press / artists performing from eight different countries / enormous local and community support

Disaster: Host of small things, like scrambling for backline drum kits, Brian Jonestown canceling, venues closed


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