Music scene remembers Bulletwolf's Jeremy "Worm" Dreher after death this weekend

Jeremy Dreher, with Bulletwolf

Eyes of Jade, In Calico, About The Fire and Bulletwolf member Jeremy Dreher died this weekend, and local music social media lit up in mourning. A GoFundMe memorial has been posted in his memory and has collected $7,710 after setting a goal of $5,000. 

Bulletwolf posted Monday: 

It is with the heaviest of hearts that Bulletwolf says goodbye to our front man, our best friend, and our brother, Jeremy, who we lost Sunday morning.There's nothing that can be said that hasn't already been said in the outpouring of emotions over the past 24 hours from our friends, family, our extended musical family, and our whole city. After almost 10 years, 3 albums, some road tripping, tons of shows, and many bangovers later, we want to say thank you to everybody we got to rock a stage with, share a drink with, and share a smile with, on this excellent musical journey.

On behalf of Bulletwolf:

Our sincerest gratitude to you all for letting us do our thing for you for so long. Hold your loved ones close.

Eternal hails to Jeremy.

Rest In Power, brother.

Bulletwolf was booked to play tonight at the 5th Quarter Lounge. They will not perform. Void King will replace them on the bill, which also includes Kvlthammer and Crowbar. Yesterday organizers announced the show would continue as a tribute to Dreher.

Related: About the Fire spent its five years of life (2002-2007) burning gloriously like a Viking funeral.This morning photographer Joey Foley began posting tracks from the last, unreleased About The Fire album, Mouth of the Rat. The album was recorded in 2007 by Jay Naidoo, Ross Neu, Dreher, Bob Fouts and Sammy Clevenger. The band broke up during the recording.

Clevenger says:

"[Mouth of the Rat] was recorded in 2007 with Joel Lauver (Spicoli/ Anapparatus/ Bowels of Judas, etc. ) at Burning Bridges studios in Southport. During that time we had come back from a hiatus because I was in and out of rehab and doing a lot of really stupid things. I was bringing the drama. Mouth of the Rat's lyrics were written in three different rehab programs, beginning in Boca Raton, FL. Boca Raton = "mouth of the rat."

"Worm was the glue that held us together through that. We broke up when I didn't make it to a show in Fort Wayne. What you hear on the record is where it was left. Worm did some editing and equalization where he could but the master files were all destroyed on the studio's computer in a lightning storm.

"My favorite moment on the record is in a song worm wrote called 'Plan B.' In the breakdown, Worm plays the most soulful bass riff I've ever heard under the lyrics, 'The shameful faces of Eden are placed upon the broken backs of hell.'"


About The Fire's Sammy Clevenger remembers Dreher:

"Worm had a special way of writing. To me, it seemed that he thought of songs from the inside out. It was different. I think a lot of that was due to the fact that he was primarily a guitarist and songwriter but he was so talented on bass that he kept getting stuck there." 

Bulletwolf's / About The Fire's Chris Morrison: 

"He was absolutely the best band mate I have ever had. Nothing against any of these other dudes, but he was extremely passionate and very easy to work with. Bands often have internal drama. He brought none of that and probably cancelled out a lot of it that the rest of us brought. He made everyone around him better as a musician and person."

Photographer and musician Joey Foley: 

"Worm was so awesome, positive and would brighten up the room when he entered it. I work with A LOT of bands (and even big celebrities). I'm not saying that because he was my friend, Worm was that awesome!"


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