Mellencamp announces release dates for albums, documentary

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John Mellencamp has announced the release dates for two albums and a film documentary, and will hit the road for some summer and fall tour dates.

First comes the official announcement of On the Rural Route 7609, a four-CD set, coming June 15, that includes 12 unreleased tracks — including writing demos of "Jack and Diane," "Authority Song" and "Cherry Bomb" and poetic readings of songs like "The Real Life" by actress Joanne Woodward. The 54 tracks and each disc is set up as an individual album with common themes rather than being presented in chronological order.

Many of Mellencamp's biggest hits, such as "Hurts So Good," "Paper in Fire" and "R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A." are not on the album.

"I have no interest in going back and putting together a bunch of hits," Mellencamp explained on his website. "I had this idea of discovery. I think all of those songs (on On the Rural Route 7609) were overlooked...I thought this was just a good way to say, 'OK, so this isn't about hit records. This is about what the rest of these albums were about "

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  • Mellencamp during his 2009 tour

Rounder Records, a new label for Mellencamp, will release No Better Than This, on August 3. Produced by T Bone Burnett, it's an album of all new original songs recorded at a variety of historically significant locations around the South. Mellencamp told that he wrote the thirteen songs included on the album during a thirteen-day span last spring.

"I was tightly focused," he related, "I got up every day and wrote and wrote and wrote."

Among the locations were the First African Baptist Church, the first Black church in North America dating to pre-revolutionary times. The original congregation and ministry were slaves; the church, in fact, provided sanctuary to runaways before emancipation. He and his wife Elaine were baptized there before the sessions commenced, and he has a home in the area.

They also recorded at Sun Studios, using a 1955 Ampex tape machine and establishing a makeshift recording booth in a construction shed in a vacant lot next door. Mellencamp and his musicians arranged themselves on the studio floor in accordance with markings that had been laid down by Sam Phillips many years before for optimal presence.

He also recorded in Room 414 of the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio is where Robert Johnson first recorded for Brunswick Records in November of 1936.

Filmmaker Kurt Markus documented the No Better Than This sessions for a movie that Mellencamp plans to use to open a run of theater shows that's slated to begin in October.The concerts will include the movie, a stripped-down acoustic set with his band, a solo segment and then a fully electrified rock set.

He said the record was "the most fun I've ever had making a record in my life. It was about making music — organic music made by real musicians — that's heartfelt and written from the best place it can come from".

  • photo: David Jones
  • Sun Studio - Memphis, TN

Mellencamp, who's playing four shows in July, has plans for minor league baseball stadium dates with Bob Dylan later this summer, according to his website.

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On the Ruralroute 7609


Disc One

1. Longest Days

2. Grandma's Theme

3. Rural Route

4. Jackie Brown

5. Rain On The Scarecrow (Rough Harvest version)

6. Jim Crow with Cornel West **

7. Jim Crow

8. Big Daddy Of Them All

9. Deep Blue Heart

10. Forgiveness

11. Don't Need This Body

12. Jenny At 16 *

13. Jack And Diane (writing demo)*

14. Jack And Diane

Disc Two

1. The Real Life with Joanne Woodward **

2. Ghost Towns Along The Highway

3. The Full Catastrophe

4. Authority Song (writing demo) *

5. Troubled Land

6. To Washington

7. Our Country *

8. Country Gentlemen

9. Freedom's Road

10. Mr. Bellows (remixed version)

11. Rodeo Clown

12. Love And Happiness (Rough Harvest version)

13. Pink Houses

Disc Three

1. If I Die Sudden (live)

2. Someday

3. Between A Laugh And A Tear (Rough Harvest version)

4. Void In My Heart * (Recorded live at Chess Studios in May 1989)

5. Death Letter

6. Sugar Marie *

7. Theo And Weird Henry

8. When Jesus Left Birmingham

9. L.U.V. *

10. Thank You

11. Women Seem

12. The World Don't Bother Me None

13. Cherry Bomb (writing demo) *

14. Someday The Rains Will Fall

15. A Ride Back Home

Disc Four

1. My Aeroplane

2. Colored Lights *

3. Just Like You

4. Young Without Lovers

5. To M.G. (Wherever She May Be)*

6. Sweet Evening Breeze

7. What If I Came Knocking

8. County Fair

9. Peaceful World * (demo)

10. Your Life Is Now

11. For The Children

12. Rural Route *

* - unreleased version

No Better Than This tracklist

Save Some Time To Dream

The West End

Right Behind Me

A Graceful Fall

No Better Than This

Thinking About You

Coming Down The Road

No One Cares About Me

Love At First Sight

Don't Forget About Me

Each Day of Sorrow

Easter Eve

Clumsy Ol' World

Sun Studio - David Jones

Mellenamp - Martin Overstrom

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