Massive McCash memorial planned for May 4

Jason McCash

Here's the latest info for the biggest McCash memorial show we've seen announced thus far. Jason McCash, bassist for The Gates of Slumber, passed away last week at the age of 37. This memorial show will be held at Pulse Bar and Grill.

Information from the organizers is as follows:

This memorial is in honor of Jason McCash - a man of many roles. He was a father, husband, son, brother, and friend to many. As a loving presence in the lives of so many, Jason's legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of those who have been affected, if not through the children and music that he left us, then by his nature and spirit. We do this not only in celebration of that legacy, but as a reminder that, because of Jason's legacy, we all share something in common, and it is through this common bond that we can offer and provide solace and support to one another as we try to make sense of our loss and work through our grief. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to express our condolences to the McCash family and provide whatever support and assistance that is within our means.

In addition to this memorial in Indianapolis, several other memorial shows have been set up across the nation. All proceeds from admission and merchandise sales at these shows will be paid directly to the McCash family (ie, his wife and children).

Valhalla no longer awaits Jason's presence. R.I.P

We all love you

Radiation Sickness 3-3:40

Majhas 4-4:40

Occult Deceiver 5-5:40

Bulletwolf 6-6:40

Official Apostle of Solitude 7-7:40

Coffinworm 8-8:40

Iron Diamond 9-9:40

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