CD picks from Luna Music store staffers,

Odawas, Vitamin City EP (Birds and Rockets Records, 2006)

Beautiful moving soundscapes from Michael Tapscott of Indianapolis.

The Staff Member Who Loves It: John Moulder

Various artists, the Deep City Label, Eccentric Soul (Numero, 2006)

Lost Florida label recordings featuring the song writing of Clarence Reid, pre his Dirty Rap days of BlowFly.

The Staff Member Who Loves It: Todd Robinson

Love Is All, 9 Times That Same Song (What’s Your Rupture, 2006)

Ten attitude-drenched recordings from Swedish rockers who love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The Staff Member Who Loves It: Elizabeth Foster

SoulStice, North By Northwest, Solid Ground (Wandering Soul, 2005)

The second most soulful hip-hop record this listener has heard in over a year.

The Staff Member Who Loves It: Jason Pierce

Kelly Stoltz, Below The Branches (Sub Pop, 2006)

Simple, broken pop recordings to make any day a little more sunny.

(The Staff Member) Who Loves It: Dan Schmeltekop

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