Juxtapoze relocates for a south side one-off


Tuesday nights at The Melody Inn have been a longstanding tradition for quite some time now. The collaborative efforts of a slew of local DJ’s brings together an eclectic mix of electronic music on a weekly basis. The result is a smorgasbord of drum’n’bass, dubstep, house, break beats, hip hop, and funk served by a rotating cast of characters to one of Indy’s most loyal and dedicated music scenes.

In a case of unexpected events, Juxtapoze recently teamed up with Invent Fusion Entertainment (a local event promotion & booking company) to bring The Mel’s resident talent and fan base to the south side. In addition to a star-studded lineup of Juxtapoze favorites, the event was billed for the weekend, rather than a typical Tuesday. For those who work a nine-to-five, the appeal of Saturday’s event is obvious.

Perhaps the annual Mayhem Tour at Verizon trumped a showing of locals for some people. Maybe the anxiety of visiting an unfamiliar venue made others’ decision to stay home. For whatever reasons (dare I say excuses?) exist, I’d like to bust out a vintage grade school response for anyone who should have been there and wasn’t: your loss, not mine.

Lizard’s is hard to find if you’re not a native Southsider. I lost 15 minutes of dance time driving up and down Thompson (once I bypassed construction on 31 north of the venue) attempting to locate my destination. Heads up for next time: it’s the giant building on the right with a lone neon “Open” sign acting as the only visible lure from the bar’s closest main road. Maybe that info will be on the event invite next time

Once inside, however, any annoyances were washed away by Lizard’s super-friendly wait staff. Lighting was ultra-low and a table of complimentary glow sticks awaited dancers at the stage. Indeed, the bar's dark dance floor and glow stick-friendly ambiance rank Lizard's above the Mel in mood setting. Behind the dance floor, a field of tables and chairs filled the room to the back where a small, well-lit gaming area hosted dart boards and pool tables.

Highlights included a mega-mellow hour with Psynapse (“he’s such a tease!” my friend cried early in his set, yearning for the signature dubstep wah-wah’s) that ultimately ended in glitchy dance moves and robot sounds galore. At the close of Psynapse's performance, the dance floor was populated with the highest number of people it would see all evening. Sea Monkey (sans advertised vs. Johnny Utah) took control next, but the extremely small audiences’ preference for funkier dubstep was evident when the floor quickly cleared.

A comment posted to the event’s official Facebook page suggested bringing “an extra set of undies” for the Booze Willis set, which ended up being the night’s headliner- an outrageously grimy hour of dubstep music that ranks among the top that I’ve ever experienced. We danced... and we danced hard.

In a saddening and slightly frustrating schedule alteration, the 1-2 a.m. timeslot with drum’n’bass connoisseurs Dave Owen and Manic was completely dropped from the agenda. Anticipating a change of pace and ready for a fresh sound to close the night, this was poignant news to me. The pair- as equally disappointed as I- were on deck and anticipating their turn when the news was delivered. Wanting to know when and where to get my drum'n'bass fix, I asked what's next on the calendar: Robots in Disguise on August 14th at Tru Nighclub.

Despite low attendance and (at best) janky schedule adherence, Juxtapoze at Lizard's was the best of three stops on my Saturday night outing. IFE tells me it's the first that they've worked with the local EDM scene; I certainly hope they (and Lizard's) continue to do so in the future.

(8/6/10) Correction: Booze Willis is Chris "King Swagger" Sherwood and Chris "tha Doc" St. Clair.


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