Jethro Easyfields: New music, old dog

Easyfields' dog, Chelsea

In addition to being one of the nicest guys playing music in Indy, Americana singer/songwriter Jethro Easyfields has been a proud dog owner for many years. Word got to me that his beloved basset hound Chelsea has some severe eye problems. Easyfields posted pics on Facebook of his Ford Mustang that he recently sold to help fund eye surgery for Chelsea.

On New Year’s Eve, I tracked down Jethro to see how his music is going, and to ask about Chelsea.

NUVO: First, I want to catch up with you and find out about your dog and what’s going on. I’ve seen the pics you have posted of her on web over the past couple of years.

Jethro Easyfields: She has acute glaucoma in one of her eyes. Basset hounds have the worst time with this disease. This week, she will be receiving surgery [to] most likely to remove her right eye and sew the eyelid shut. Her mother Midget also had this problem. She's stickin' in there [though she's] in much pain. Hopefully soon she will get a break. She also has some foot issues. The VCA Veterinary Specialty Center on 96th Street is treating her, but she is at home now.

NUVO: My thoughts are with you guys. Thanks for the info. And how about your music? Anything we can look forward to?

JE: Scott Kern and I have been putting together a collection of my story songs. It's a bit upbeat and bluegrassy, involving many characters in my archive. I hope to have this out late spring. It's a breath of fresh air compared to the dark Bloodletting LP.

NUVO: That’s sounds good. Anything else? I know you never rest.

JE: [I'm planning] a hard rock album with the Innocent Boys (Harley Poe members), and will do the recording in the summer.

NUVO: Thanks for all the info, and best of luck with Chelsea.

JE: Thanks again. Many folks are hoping for the best.

If you'd like to check on Chelsea or donate to her medical care, contact Jethro at