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While the volume level in which Jack Ingram plays his music may be closer to that of a rock concert than a show at the Grand Ol’ Opry, he insists that his material is country music.

“Like I say every night during my show, ‘I play country music,’” Ingram says. “There are people who think that I am too rock for country. Artists like myself are a whole new element of country music.”

Ingram’s latest release, This is It, includes two songs, “Wherever You Are” and “Love You,” that were also on his last CD, Live: Wherever You Are, released last year.

“I decided that it was important to have those songs on a studio album,” he says.

Among the songs on This is It are a few ballads, including the album’s first single, “Kiss of an Angel,” and a song that Ingram wrote about his then-infant daughter, “Ava Adele.”

While he enjoys being a musician and songwriter, Ingram also cherishes his role as a parent. “It’s a lot of fun having two boys and a girl,” he says.

In addition to last year’s tour of smaller venues with Sheryl Crow, the 36-year-old Ingram and his Beat Up Ford Band have played the sheds with Brooks & Dunn, and they are currently on tour with Brad Paisley.

When asked to compare being the opening act for Brooks & Dunn and now Paisley, Ingram says, “It’s very similar, although Brad’s crowd is a bit younger. The crews on both tours are badass. Brooks & Dunn are great guys, as is Brad. And he’s also a fantastic guitar player!”

No matter what you call his music, there’s no denying that Jack Ingram plays it with an intensity he claims “will always be there for [him].”


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