Interview: Vacation Club


Faithful readers, it’s no secret that we music nerds of NUVO are newly smitten with the blokes of Indianapolis, Indiana outfit Vacation Club. The four-piece group has been a gigging machine, covering every podunk port and two-bit tavern Indiana has to offer for a stage.

Fresh off their appearances as part of the inaugural CATARACTS Music Festival and a GloryHole Records showcase, members Jered Sheline and Samuel James were kind enough to speak to us about their upcoming album.

“We were all working at the Unicorn and Jeb and Brandon complained about the music so we decided to start a band and quit our jobs,” Sheline explains of the rather simplistic beginnings of Vacation Club.

“The music we write is probably influenced by the fact that we like rock-and-roll music and playing and writing. It is a lot more satisfying than exotic dancing or flipping burgers,” James elaborates.

When asked if Vacation Club is as much about style as it is about the band’s musical homage to '60s and '70s surf rock, Jered’s succinct “Oh, totally,” is curtly reinforced by James.

“I hate the word ‘throwback’. Save that term for jerseys and Pepsi (not Mountain Dew),” said James

But James’ assertion that Vacation Club is “a complete overreaction,” to Indiana’s diverse music scene can’t be ignored. Along with label mates, The Kemps, Vacation Club has carved out a niche of fun-lovin’ and dance-inducing tunes with 7-inch releases.

So when can we expect a full-length? Vacation Club is mum for now, but the members say it’s in the works—likely for local label GloryHole Records.

“We strong-armed him [Jim Peoni] into starting a record label,” Sheline said, with James following up, “So naturally his first release was going to be ours.”

In the meantime, the band continues to trudge the thankless local touring path and build a fan base by any means necessary.

“We are booking tours, getting on Facebook, using our cell phones, playing out of state when we can,” begins Sam, before delving into the challenges still facing the band. “The block we live on is really interesting; we got burglarized last week and they stole an iPod, some microphones and a box of instant rice.”

Where Vacation Club’s next source of inspiration comes from is anyone’s guess, but it’s just a matter of time before crowds across Indiana begin to experience the talent of Vacation Club for themselves.


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