Super 88, Blackcat Rebellion, Peelander-Z, 7 Shot Screamers

Bubba’s Bowling Club

Jan. 15 Peelander-Z performed two shows in Indy on Saturday. This Saturday was the fifth PRN show at Bubba’s Bowling and also nearly the biggest, only beaten by opening night. The line-up was great, especially with Peelander-Z playing, but of course Blackcat Rebellion brought their own following as well.

The first band was Super 88, a band from Peoria, IL, who caused quite a bit of confusion with their name — the number 88 is sometimes a Nazi reference so people were coming up to me nearly all night asking if they were a racist band. When I asked the singer, he just laughed and said that it actually referred to the bassist’s car. They played an awesome set, including a cover of “Born to Lose” by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, which made everyone go wild.

Blackcat Rebellion followed, and although there’s not usually much movement in the audience during their sets, there were enough people that even the “small” pit was larger than most at the other shows.

The next band, Peelander-Z, is harder to describe. At one point, there was a giant banana — the lead singer, apparently — running around the audience. Not much later, the other two band members, one wearing wings, threw him into a bunch of bowling pins. Meanwhile, random people from the audience were pounding away on their instruments.

They claim they’re aliens from the planet Peelander, although it was hard to hear much else of what they said. I only really understood that much through their thick, Japanese accents because I’d already read it from the flyer. There’s always a solution, though: They had cue cards. Some had song titles, others had translations of English from Japanese for various random words like “yes.”

The audience absolutely loved it.

In the pit there was even a guy in his 40s or 50s, wearing a business suit.

Peelander-Z finished their set by turning on some song — Japanese pop? — and dancing to it. Nobody was quite sure what was going on. There’s a banana who just got thrown across the room, and now he’s dancing? It was complete madness — but fun.

We all had to return to Earth for the next band, 7 Shot Screamers, one of the few bands who can make a stand-up bass look good. The bassist managed to go running across the stage with it as if it was just a guitar and spent the rest of the time with it nearly horizontal, sitting in the cut-out on the side. I had to leave before they were finished, unfortunately, but they were a great band, finishing off an awesome show.


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