I'm Movin' Out!

Jookabox: Plus Benny and Lisa, minus the "Grampall"

For those of you that care, you may have noticed that I have neglected my blogging post for the past week. It was not sloth or apathy that kept me from my web logging duties, but rather the fact that I was frantically cleaning my house to move out. Scrubbing, mopping, washing and dusting occupied my every waking moment for the past two weeks. I was lucky to even get a chance to stop and catch up on World Cup highlights!

Even though cleaning my house was a herculean feat, my two years there will remain some of the most memorable years of my life, unless I end up joining the space marines or journeying to the center of the Earth in the near future, which would clearly overshadow two year of living in a punk house. In my time there, I met people from all over the country and saw some of the best unknown, up-and-coming bands in America right now.

  • Jookabox: Plus Benny and Lisa, minus the "Grampall"

But of all the bands that played my house, a few stood out as truly memorable. Here are my top 5:

1. Frank Turner: When English folk-punk bard Frank Turner played my house in October 2009, I stood there and watched with my jaw dropped like an idiot. I couldn't believe that I was watching him play... in my own basement. His guarantee consisted of nothing more than $50, a bottle of whiskey and a six-pack of Coke. That's a pretty low rate considering that, he was huge in Europe (now he's huge in the states too). The next time I saw Frank Turner after that was this March at the Murat when he played to 1,800 people while opening for opening for Flogging Molly.

2. The Dopamines: Essentially the house band for the Halloween House/Moria, The Dopamines played over 15 times at the house and never failed to bring the party. Their melodic odes to alcoholism and failed romance made perfect party anthems. It took a few shows for them to catch on, but every show got bigger and better for them. They were the last band to play the last show at the house and they got so much beer dumped on them and their gear during their set that they kept getting shocked by their microphones. It was glorious.

3. Frogball: This Massachusetts five-piece always delivered the goods when they played. Their songs about being broke, eating nachos and drinking beer while shooting beer were brilliantly moronic. The subject matter was funny, the lyrics were clever and the music was and infectious blend of pop-punk riffs and hardcore break downs. Sadly, Frogball has since broken up, but their music has touched the lives of all who had a chance to see them live.

4. Jookabox: Back when the local indie-trip-punk-hip-hop act played the house, they were a two-piece called Grampall Jookabox. They played on the coldest day of the year at one in the morning and incited a massive mosh (for warmth) pit. It was pretty magical to see people piling on top of each other and singing along to "Girl Ain't Preggers". Since then, the band shortened their name and expanded their line-up and are on the verge of blowing up huge.

5. The Sorely Trying Days: These local boys were always down to play they house and they ALWAYS stole the show. Their brutal, melodic, relentless stoner jams painted a bleak, yet energetic picture of life in desolate Kokomo. Their lyrics might have been depressing, but their live show was lively and they always drew a rowdy crowd.

Those were just some of my favorite bands, but there were tons of others that were just awesome. Thanks to everyone who ever came out to a show and every band that played. Scraping dried vomit from the basement floor and mopping beer off the stairs would have been a lot less meaningful if it weren't for you.